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  1. Anybody looking for the whole ShaBang !!!!!!!!?????????? https://www.ebay.com/itm/234761710313?hash=item36a8e36ae9:g:qXwAAOSwq9VjYY8-&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAwO%2FfQybKwIp%2BYb8etVDZu4kQjoFIf0vFCgbXsTqjCVeOYQroFIPnvQFm2ahxAUNLX9I5fzJkOjtgfrLRpo85myR%2BCrACh1NzBnHjYR5XdKNdv1kONNNC24u5RJGJFSBOdodNdl%2Bt%2FgzMoukN6rkFELRsdy8KSl6lI%2FWwQlzAposl8XviddkprZn6ZuzxEod7LZQNsbIMczXmFhm5%2FBMid05KTyt0crR%2Fh5tVOWDLSkYp2%2BrQUFM7%2B7gfDKXWbjpBYQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5yC6I6mYQ
  2. I guess One BILLLLLLLLLLLLLION dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. this old guy doesn't like change ..... count me as a CLink fan
  4. And let's be frank, I think it's likely that some are complaining about the timing of reporting a sale because they feel it might cause them to miss out on a buying or selling opportunity affecting their own personal interests. ^^^^^^^^^ this is getting truer & truer on these Boards every day
  5. For $120, am I gonna get the full "Todd McFarlane" treatment, or the lazy "T. McFarlane" ?!
  6. good time to buy - remember buy low, sell high they say
  7. Answer: YOU DON"T !!!! awesome book !
  8. A boride is a compound between boron and a less electronegative element, for example silicon boride. The borides are a very large group of compounds that are generally high melting and are covalent more than ionic in nature. Some borides exhibit very useful physical properties. .......don't think this describes many people here
  9. I can confidently say that this is absolutely true with big enough consignments
  10. Some people say Action 7 is the poor man's Action 1 this is what I've always heard I've had both, does that make me middle-class ??
  11. bump ............................... first time in many years I saw this thread drop to the 2nd page, guess this thread is dropping like sales prices these days
  12. try selling in the pre-auction, pre-CGC days and dealing with the dealers that were basing everything on a percentage of guide ...................... Auction houses were a God-send for my sales
  13. Imagine the OA for the #26 cover !!??? Man, that would be a freakin' ultimate grail for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I blocked this fool about a month ago - best thing I ever did (of course I still see things if someone replies to his post, or if I don't actually login, but still WAY better...)
  15. yeah, still harsh man! beautiful looking book, looks way better than my 4.5
  16. already have --- just a new obsession to have now !
  17. like you said, around 2007 was a great time to grab these rare gems .......