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  1. sorry, so the Heritage one is NOT the Larson (funny, it has an "L" in pencil on cover) .... just to be 100% clear
  2. I've seen front and back with lots of missing pages inside get 0.5 , just don't know what the cut-off is ...............
  3. exactly my thoughts as reading thru the thread, but before posting an answer myself ....
  4. it better be tied for 5th appearance …. 🙌
  5. ...but why not just make 10 the highest number, and grade it as a 10 ..............
  6. People priced out of Alex Saviuk ASM art ===> paying up for John Royle art !
  7. very interesting graph - thanks for the work you put in
  8. ...and as a restorer! worked magic for me a few times @ Classics Inc.
  9. no kidding! still not over selling my restored 5.5 several years ago .... wonder who has it
  10. typically CLink ...... I do think one could get a half-decent Andru page for $15K or less .... at least I think you still can The big ones like Romita, McFarlane (I won;t even say Ditko as ground floor is 6 figures) are getting out of reach, but some really cool stuff if we are talking 15K
  11. yeah, unless it's complete with both front and back cover and relatively nice eye appeal, a 0.5 could be a mess of a book ..... maybe save up some more and get at least a 1 or 1.8 ...............
  12. nothing wrong with FF1, XM1, AV1, TOS39, JIM83 ---- no way they won't all move up from a purchase today to 5-10 years in future BUT, I think AF#15 is the SA equivalent to AC#1 and will continue to be ..... of course my real answer would be ...but it doesn't address the original question....but I personally would blow that 15K on a really nice Spidey OA page, I think OA has a lot more growth potential
  13. I'm in the same mind as above --- Spidey Spidey Spidey, but very laser-focused on getting best AF#15 you can.
  14. That is a great accomplishment!! I should know, I have the whole run, all annuals, and all spidey cross-overs (from the 60's anyway) and I'm still going with most recent issues ......................................................... Enjoy it !
  15. I'm with you - that doesn't look right, especially with the MC Don't get me wrong, I wish it to be true so my 5.0 O/W no MC book gets back to 100K +, but I really doubt it
  16. very interesting -you don't see the whole run like this very often for sale, and this one is unique in that it's ALL graded and a very solid overall grade to the lower-numbered stuff .... But I'm sure someone could negotiate with him that price .....