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I'll limp into the club after that amazing 9.6 with my two-thirds-of-that-condition copy.




A very well centered beauty. :cloud9:


as Doc mentioned, a rare thing with 48

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with this book its all about how much of Sue Storm you can see, notoriously prone to miswrap

Right, it‘s a great copy, but personally I’d favor a VF or so with "perfect" centering.

The curious thing is the miswrap on the #48 is always "front to back"… hm

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Always liked my copy :whistle:




I don't feel so great about my book now, when I saw your copy

welcome me aboard I guess :tonofbricks:lol




photo IMG_7597_zpsx6asxkj9.jpg


This place is a pretty consistent ego check for me. Nice copy!


Thank you

Were in the same boat.


(thumbs u

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9.6 white goes nice with my 9.4

Really hard to find this book without 1/2 the M in marvel missing with miswrap in high grade. Could be wrong. 



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That's a fine copy -- I do like the Fantucchios.

I'm a huge Joe Sinnott fan, as well as a fan of nicely centered copies, so here's my new pick-up:



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