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My visit to comic nirvana
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Just read this again...amazing!

Makes me want to save up to visit my friend Bill all the more.

(Then maybe he will put in a good word for me to you guys!)

Hope you get a chance to do it again,and take more pics!

Did Adam take anymore to share?

Did the whole comic room smell like an old comic shop from your youth?if there was a deoderizer that made that smell,id wear one around my neck!

Thanks again sir,one of my fave threads ever.


I always put my camera on the table for events like this and I always get so caught up in talking about comics with guys like Roger and Jon that I never take very many pictures.


Here's one of Roger with his two very cool acquisitions from the show:



Cool!Thank you Mr Strange,you are always kind enough to take the time to answer any questions I query to you and just talk comics(those Red Chasm covers!!) So very much appreciated and a reason to bump my fave thread of the year!

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51 minutes ago, Weird Paper said:

Since the art auction was last night, I wanted to return briefly to this. When Leonardo   ... I mean Adam and I visited Jon a few years back, one of my very favorite pieces in his collection was the Joe Doolin Mars splash page from Planet Comics. If I recall correctly, it was the one of the first pieces I asked Adam about after he went to the auction preview at Metropolis. I took a shot at it last night... I put in my max bid about a half hour before the close and then put my phone down and went out to the back yard to babysit the chickens. (Not some kind of weird metaphor... we have copious hawk nests in the greenbelt behind our yard, so when we let the chickens run loose in the yard, we go out there with them, usually for about 45 minutes before dusk each night.) I figured I'd leave it in the hands of fate and wouldn't look again until after the auction ended. After the chickens retired to their coop for the night, I went inside and checked. It's been years since I've bid on CC, so when I looked at my bids/offers page and didn't see the Mars, I thought it must have been pulled. Then I realized there was another page with auction wins. There it was, at a few hundred under my max bid. My little piece of Jon's historic collection. 



Congrats! Great piece!

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7 hours ago, JadeGiant said:

My little piece of Jon's historic collection. 

You don't count the Wolverton page you slipped into your bag? hm

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Looks like the perfect way to commemorate your visit.  You are welcome back anytime. :hi:

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9 minutes ago, drdroom reborn said:

So, comparing your original report to the auction, it looks like Mr. Berk has held on to a couple of prime Lou Fines and an outstanding Wolverton, at least?


The vast bulk and value of the collection is up for sale this week but a small set remains that should keep Jon happy.  It includes those items above and a smattering of the different kinds of pieces that made up his collection.

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