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Just now, Architecht said:

It's pretty cool, I think.

If you are the thread starter, you will find a button at the top of posts in the marketplace forums that allow you to mark a whole thread as sold and then lock it.

We do not HAVE to lock it, that's configurable for the whole function. (although not selectable by each individual member).

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8 minutes ago, Sqeggs said:

Is it unlockable in case a buyer backs out of a purchase and the seller wants to reopen the thread?

yes (tested on my own sales thread)

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4 hours ago, lizards2 said:

Does using this feature then make the thread  unsearchable?

It does not seem so. Plus, you can revert it in case you need to edit posts once again (I did it in my Smurfs sale as I forgot to update some informations, and then marked it again as "SOLD").

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On 3/18/2021 at 6:17 PM, nochips said:

Can we get it back?

I don't believe Arch is around anymore. Folks would probably need to ask some admins directly; it may have already been addressed in the lengthy "new board problems" thread in CG after the last update.

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My understanding is that Arch does not work on the CGC forum account any longer - either way, he has not logged in here for over a year now so it's pointless tagging him, or Scott.

Dena is the appointed admin lead, but her responsibilities extend far beyond managing problems here and, as such, this will be very low priority. 

I raised the missing sales button in a thread here...

...which I put together to help Dena who is a great lady, deserving of our support. It's not her fault that the CGC management team under resource the day to day administration of their site and I know that she would do more if she could.

Dena is aware of the issue by nature of having read the above thread, so it may happen at some point in the future if the updated software allows it. The site software is provided by Invision - CGC are a client of theirs - so Dena would have to flag the issue with them and they are not that quick in responding (I have tried myself in the past to get answers to other CGC board issues from them). There are very few things that our admins can influence directly, now that the site is in third party hands.

We'll just have to cross our fingers and be patient. 

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