CGC In House Signing Wishlist - Update for 2023
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On 5/15/2020 at 4:35 PM, Monstertruck97 said:

Giella, Sinnott and Romita for me. Legends.

Alan Moore!

Alex Ross would be nice. 

Lynn Varney? Find a way.

How about some celebrities and not just creators? 

Giella doesn't travel to far from home, and Sinnott is in a nursing home, and retired from signings.

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On 6/3/2020 at 12:17 PM, roach04 said:

Eastman - does a ton of shows (assuming shows come back post-Covid!) and even a couple of signings a year so he's one you can land for sure!  Laird - is a tougher get.  I don't know that he does conventions at all anymore and while I know I've seen SS with Pete's signature, I think most of them are 10+ years old.  There are experts (like @seanfingh ) who can likely give you the Laird situation much better than I can.

Eastman and Laird are talking again, and may be working on something together in the future, per Eastman.

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My wish list for writers/artists to participate in a CGC signing:

-Alan Moore

-Alex Ross

-Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

-Adam Hughes

-John Romita Sr

-Joshua Middleton

-Garth Ennis

-Lucio Parrillo

-Jeff Lemire

-J.S. Campbell

-Geoff Johns

-Brian Bolland



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Geof Darrow

Juan Jose Ryp 

Eric Powell

James Stokoe


also, if anyone knows how to engage with the above guys (except for Powell who I can email) then I’d love the help. Mine are already slabbed so I don’t really know how that’s best handled. n00b so feel free to point me to another place.

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On 5/17/2020 at 10:25 AM, punksdropdirtysrh said:

Skottie Young

Tony Moore

Dell Otto


On 5/20/2020 at 3:07 PM, thatdudebooks said:

Main wish list ... 

  1. Romita Sr
  2. Artgerm
  3. Skottie Young

Honorable mentions:

  1. Alex Ross
  2. Jim Steranko
  3. Bill Sienkiewicz
  4. Geof Darrow
  5. J. Scott Campbell

Young just announced

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Top 3

- Todd McFarlane (No matter how often he gets brought in, I’ll probably always have more books for him to sign, heh)

- Robert Kirkman

- Erik Larsen


A couple of honorable mentions that I would definitely send a few books in for:

- Mark Millar

- Greg Capullo

- J Scott Campbell

- Garth Ennis

- Jim Lee

- Bruce Timm

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My top 3 today in order are:


- J.O.Barr 

- Jim Lee 

- Jim Starlin 


who I really want but can’t come 

- Peach Momoko 

the reasons: 

I’m a pretty big Crow fan and my entire crow collection needs to be signed/slabbed, I really want my Samurai Santa signed and my Ironman 55 needs a nice crack, clean and signature. Also who doesn’t love peach! To bad she’s in Japan and covids going on, I’ll just wait till nycc2020 on this one. 

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