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Paintings and Line Work- Show Off Your Original Pulp Art
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On 7/27/2020 at 10:21 AM, Ricksneatstuff said:

I love the artwork on pulps and have been picking up a few pieces here and there. It is difficult to find original artwork from the best artists. Please show what you got here. 

my first entry is the cover of Famous Fantastic Mysteries from October 1942 by Virgil Finlay. 




FYI, this my first entry will be in the upcoming Heritage pulp auction but it’s partially because of my second entry. 

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On 10/25/2020 at 8:53 PM, detective35 said:

Excited that I was able to add a killer Saunders painting to my collection!

When I spoke to David Saunders he relayed to me the story behind the inspiration of this painting, and he said this was a very significant painting that his father did.

21” x 30”  (Oil on canvas) 

 Circa. 1939

Secret Agent X                                                                                                 *the last issue in the run*



Really captures Saunders' style at that time.  Great example Dwight!

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On 5/14/2021 at 6:08 AM, RedFury said:

Worse Things Waiting (Carcosa, 1973) by Manly Wade Wellman is one of my favorite weird fiction collections.  It contains some of Wellman's best stories from Weird Tales, Strange Tales, Unknown, and others, and is an absolute joy to read.

Wellman won the 1975 World Fantasy Award for "Best Single Author Collection" for Worse Things Waiting, and last year I was fortunate to add that award to my collection.

Recently I was able to track down the original cover art for the book by Lee Brown Coye, and it arrived yesterday.  I'm really happy to be able to pair it with the award. :cloud9:

v9QWofnl.jpg LJF1y1Hl.jpg

jRie01El.jpg Uy9E8VDl.jpg

zHa9tIcl.jpg aah8rb2l.jpg

That’s awesome! I’m glad the book is back in print now so I can read it without damaging my old copy.

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