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About this journal

A place to embrace the horror (restoration), and learn a little something about the process, while staying true to conservation ethics and comics' importance as historical ephemera. After posting a couple threads about restoration projects I was pursuing, and getting some good feedback, I thought I'd relocate to here, rather than clutter up the forums. We'll see how it goes. I'm not a restoration evangelist, but rather a hobbyist who enjoys taking a beat but promising book and breathing life back into it. I know restoration generates strong opinions, and I welcome all comers on the topic. My personal philosophy is to not restore a book above a 1.5 (most are actually in the .5 range), nor do conservation on one above a 2. I employ only professional methods that meet CGC "A" grade requirements. I'll be posting pix of some ongoing projects as well as anything else that comes into my head on this topic.

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Superman #16: Conserve or restore?

Not unlike this book itself, I'm torn! Recently acquired this seriously chewed copy with intention of doing one or the other, but not sure which way to go, though I do know that I will submit this afterwards for grading. At a minimum, I intend to leaf-cast the cover and every interior wrap to fill out the missing paper. That, along with a dry-cleaning of the cover, would hopefully come in just under the wire with a conserved grade. But it's also tempting to go further and restore the missing art


Grottu in Restoration