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  1. thats weird sounds like a low pop card ha Is your youtube channel Deviationcards? same Glen? i
  2. I heard this is a major problem at psa, if you got all ultra moderns ya'll get cards back along with turnaround times, but if you have 1 vintage card in your order can jack up your order for 3 extra monthes ha cause only certain employees can grade vintage
  3. raw before grading most companies pretty leniant with it cause comps change, its for your benefit believe it or not, if your card is 300 raw most will let it slide and keep you at bulk rate
  4. its raw! Unless your cards comps are over $250 raw you can use bulk, the tiers are so csg can insure your cards for shipping
  5. Cross em over! If your collection is extensive as you say you will have the top sets in the registry and most of your cards will be pop 1's ha Its cool starting at the beggining with those things, Im cracking n crossing my psa slabs to csg, my entire PC. I love the way my cards look in csg and if you suggest something to csg or have a gripe they fix it or try and make it happen, everything is user friendly and working to get better imo, but we need more big collectors crossing over to csg itll help with resale down the road
  6. yea i dont know how the same card is getting credit twice with different labeling when you have to enter the cert. number, unless there is a loop hole im missing
  7. I think authenticating in person autos is bs anyway, no way psa has a full proof process i would bet my first born they authenticate forgeries all the time. Its impossible to know 100% and thats why csg doesnt do it because its junk science.
  8. Thanx for your feedback on csg vintage thats a good point, more people are using csg for vintage i think because the way the slabs make the cards pop so i was hoping dudes would dig in with their opinions on vintage grading so we can get a good handle on what to expect. Tough to find an unbiased opinion on youtube ha Seems like csg vintage puts more emphasis on the surface color and centering and easier on corners but for the most part csg seems consistent with there approach. Im buying csg vintage now I think the values are gonna catch up soon, cards like that jackie is the reason why values will start to climb 🔥
  9. i think putting the serial number on the flip would be cool, for serial numbered cards
  10. there is a tracker you can put your packages called Tives, they are cheap and used for security by a lot of major businesses, if thats what ya mean
  11. centering for a gem 10 is not 50/50 anymore it was with the green its 55/45 around and that MJ is 55/45 congrats that is a super tough gem 10% gem rate at psa
  12. if i cross a psa 10, same grade or higher will my card still be evaluated for the perfect 10 grade?
  13. exactly what other dude said ya wanna try n keep it in 2 big pieces, if it starts to crack into small pieces can be a pain to keep card from getting damaged but still possible, if ya crack bgs ya gotta push the card to bottom of penny sleeve and cut the top with scissors goodluck
  14. same here, im cracking psa slabs n sending to csg, slowly selling off psa slabs too, I guess with any collectable especially ones that appreciate with time the value increases if the condition is pristine whether its cards or a rocking chair ha, that opinion is suppose to be a trained proffessional appraiser ha I have a brady rookie same kinda thing a raw card or psa 8 is $50 a gem is $4000, Its kinda cool ya have a brand that printed all bad cards, offcentered, easilly chipped so those few gems of a common card is worth a ton, upperdeck griffey rc kinda like that, jordan 86 fleer a little bit like that too its a tough gem, dudes probably think im crazy crackin my psa slabs n sending to csg but i dont care i like the way my cards look in csg slabs n i gotta feeling csg gonna reign supreme down the road
  15. Agree with that assessment
  16. agree 100% on mini's, exc.. wish they would have a seperate slab for those cards for sure! Yea they are consistent with their way of grading and stick to their scale, I seen a vintage Bvg to csg crossover and was pretty spot on ha , Glenn 👆 from deviationcards did a lot of interesting vintage crossovers from sgc to csg, psa to csg even csg old to csg new label. Pretty much on par with what you said .5 to 1 eighther way.. Appreciate your feedback on csg vintage, i wanted to get a serious conversation about csg vintage going cause its been coming up a lot and dudes like csg for vintage because of the clear slabs
  17. Exactly Psa overgrades like crazy, Im not even knocking them but those same collectors are fine wit psa n talk trash on csg, Psa gets so much leeway on all aspects of grading, they grade fakes, no biggie, give a gem on a 70/30 OC wit soft corners no biggie, trims million dollar cards and overgrades it no biggie! csg its like my card is super overgraded this card should be a 4.5 not a 5 csg sux ill never use them again ha
  18. 🔥🔥👌 awesome!! I been hearing a lot of Csg being leniant on vintage, they dont use measurements or any tangible evidence, they dont compare to the scale, I just hear things like looks more like a 5! Based on what? I seen you grade a lot of vintage and cross over a bunch of vintage and csg is more consistent and more accurate. Just because psa throws out random vintage grades dont mean they're accurate. Its annoying to hear csg is too tough for a year and now they are too leniant wtf is that?! Have you been hearing that lately?
  19. crack and send it to csg, if its graded correctly ya have nothing to worry about, I just cracked an hga Mike Trout rc n sent it ti csg got a 1/2 grade increase, had fingerprints all over the surface when i cracked it, wiped it down with microfiber went from an hga 8.5 to a csg 9 and strangley enough the csg flip matches better the the hga color match did
  20. micky 8

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    Csg slabs are the best nothing compares!!
  21. congratulations, the big cards help legitimize csg, the other 3 companies got over a 20year head start, i think its important csg gets big subs like that.. Hopefully csg can secure that number 2 spot for now! ✊
  22. my personal holy grail! so happy with a csg 8 i bought the cleanest copy i could find
  23. 50/50 around for a gem was too strict csg wouldnt make it, collectors were getting angry n resentful with there submissions, they couldnt compete with any other grader. there scale is still one of the strictest amongst graders, i dont think they chose profitability over grading standards they chose to survive in a very competitive market, new graders open up every day TAG, Arena, FCG, if csg dont listen to the customer just gonna be another grading acronym. Now they are top 4 grader in only a year with a good reputation for accurate n consistent grading with the best slab not too shabby !!