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  1. the pristine scale was super strict too 50/50 centering all around, Its no gimic its a super sharp card worth every nickle, im thinking 2 years before csg really establishes a strong hold, they are a pretty trusted grader already considering only been open for a year
  2. its a nice card in good condition looks centered some very minimal whitening on the back corners but black paper is tough, might grade a 9.5 maybe a 9, I just bought a card from south korea got to me in less then a week with fedex, just figure in turnaround times for the grading level ex. economy and add about 3 weeks for shipping give or take, Im assuming around 5-6 weeks door to door, Id sub a couple for the hassle
  3. I think i seen the 1970 pistol pete rc in a csg slab with the green flip
  4. yea its very card specific, if the card is right i think csg grading is trusted enough for collectors to spring for a decent price, high priced vintage and rare cards csg gets great value on its a start ha a csg 10 is a sharp card the gems do pretty good
  5. not true there is a ton of value in cards from that era just gotta know the right cards, check out Lets talk Wax youtube channel he does latest sales of 80's n 90's cards
  6. thats crazy, thanx for sharing! I guess why take a chance, grading fake cards destroys graders credibility kinda sux tho I like the retro look of star cards I got a larry legend but im skeptical to get a raw jordan or barkley rookie because even more fakes have popped up since, some star cards never existed theres a couple jordans with the portland trailblazer logo sellers saying its an era card pretty sure they never existed selling for $40
  7. so dumb Psa use to grade them too, only thing i can think of is maybe they are too easy to fake or someone made a ton of fake star cards and put them in circulation idk
  8. sorry man I was joking its literally a $1 card! Are you trying to rob people or just insane or you made an honest mistake and dont know the difference between 87 topps and topps tiffany. Topps Tiffany have white backs and boxes are much more expensive then the 87 wax box with brown card board backs.
  9. if ya think your pristine without subs is perfect then crack and resend, But like ya said there might be a good market for the green 10's in time.
  10. Csg gem rate is is like 5% less the psa, especially with the new centering grading scale change, Its almost the same. Graders dont give grades they grade your card! you send them a gem 10 and they'll grade it a gem 10..there isnt a conspiracy against your cards and giving out gems for cards that dont meet the grading criteria will destroy csg. A lot of collectors want accurate grades and consistency and dont wanna be gifted a 10. It doesnt matter if ya sent in 27 or 2700 it just shows your really bad at screening your cards. Lupe magnifiers can be found on ebay for $5 and centering tool for less. Good luck check out subhub grading on youtube he's real good at screening cards when he does reveals for different graders it helped me a lot
  11. thanx for putting that to rest! 🍻 Gonna be shopping for some rookie or early Pujols soon
  12. thanx appreciate it !probably cause he destroyed the Venzuala league and the minors, def has confusing rookies, Scottie B cards does cool episodes rookie ranking vids on youtube, he goes into detail on every rookie card from worst to best, I reccommend the Bryce Harper vid also confusing number of rookies. I get confused with the toppstraded I didnt know there was a toppstraded chrome, then miggy has a card called royals n rookies from 2000 and strangley has a 2000 Topps traded on card auto dont know how many exist but has to be super rare for that time,
  13. and Pujols that was a strong rookie class, in Pujols case they came out wit a 2nd rookie doesnt it say late rookie on the card?
  14. some people call this a rookie card cause on the back its all farm teams until 2003 marlins, These days this card would probably have the RC logo on it going by how they do it now with wander franco is perfect example cause wander played half a season but his rc didnt drop until this year his first full season
  15. type in 2003 Cabrera topps, itll say rookie on every card, I already said it was a generalization but pretty much inaccurate because he was signed in 99, i just wanted to know if csg graded printing plates not another rookie debate that i already agreed with you on but if ya really want to get technical about it he was signed in 99 to miami's farm team but didnt make his debut as a pro until june 2003 and played in the world series that year as a rookie! but even with that said I agree with ya i see the toppstraded as his true rookie and just wanted to know about printing plates
  16. def a risk! id keep the green pristine i think there will be a market for them in the future
  17. Its a 2003 Toppstotal printing plate, His 2000 toppstraded is his rookie but his 2003 topps flagship they still call his rookie and the toppstotal, its a generalization technically Miggy was signed in 99 by the marlins reguardless im happy with the printing plate and gonna sub it
  18. great question I just picked up a Miguel Cabrera rookie printing plate my first printing plate like wow this thing is an actual metal plate ha wasnt sure if I could submit it, like corners and edges so sharp they'll cut ya literally! looking foward to subbing it with the black its gonna look awesome, Ill post it on here when i get it back
  19. If you think it could gem with the plastic on keep it! itll increase the value but its a tough gem most cases better to take off for a better grade especially now those cards getting old like the Kobe finest rookie pretty tough to get a gem with the plastic on
  20. Love the perfect 10 design!! 🔥🔥 Glad ya's didnt make the whole flip gold or something too wild, I even like the really small subs on the back. Csg knocked this out of the park! Shout out to all the collectors on here who been loyal to csg since day 1 the hobby thought we were crazy getting bashed on social media and youtube constantly, felt like a persona non grata of the hobby, Thats all changing now 🍻 salute
  21. the old scale was really strict ya needed 50/50 centering to 10, and only allowed 1 side 55/45 to gem thats pretty much perfect. Just with the centering guidelines alone alot of cards were starting out with a 9 cause your centering isnt perfect, Agree csg is too harsh on surface my opinion is if ya cant see scratches or anything under a bright light its good Im not selling my cards to guys with high powered magnifiers! but the new scale slightly easier on centering 55/45 all around and with the mint plus grade should absorb some of the surface hits,meaning some things might show up under 10x magnification but still might get a mint plus and not knock ya to an automatic 9. Csg are tough Will see how they are with the new scale if things lighten up a little, Getting rid of subgrades I predict some more unhappy collectors cause now your gonna get a 7 and have no clue why! Every sub theres always at least 1 card leaving ya scratching your head wandering wtf happened but in my experience majority of the time its something I overlooked sonetimes its a tiny bit of roughness on an edge not evening whitening thats a hard pill to swallow. Goodluck man nothing wrong with buying and selling raw majority of my sales are raw cards grading isnt always as beneficial as people make it out to be just another racket