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  1. sabotage? maybe your cards werent gems! its not a game of chance every card is different, the 1990 hoops MJ has a 4% gem rate across all graders depending on which cards you submitted results are gonna vary, there are tons of sets with not one gem!! and you think you should get a percentage of gem mint grades thats insane!! if its 1990's chrome cards 30years later almost every card is gonna have greening causing every card to be less then a gem, the problem isnt csg's grading its your extremely unreasonable expectations, what reason would csg not wanna give you gem 10's they're pop report is only 2 years old! the registry is new most cards are pop 1 to pop 5 they are a new company they dont have to control pop counts because there is no pop counts!! your posting odds that mean nothing any collector who knows anything will look at those odds like your crazy because they have nothing to do with the condition of your card..
  2. I bought a card on comc and had it graded by CSG on feb 19th, the card is coming up on comc website as graded, its a Larry Bird refractor I got a csg 8, its almost 2 monthes, anyway to look up or know when its getting shipped, it says 4 weeks give or take but we're coming up on 8 weeks???
  3. yep a gold signature series knockoff and a pretty nice one ha
  4. 102 points! Come on csg its the rarest Mike Trout card csg ever graded, psa only graded 8 gems, unless ya dont take parallels into consideration then its a 3rd year base card if thats the case understandable
  5. i made a mistake, i get confused by these chat boxes
  6. Csg mini holders suck tho 😂 they need to add a border or something for the mini's idk
  7. whats wrong with the thick holders I think they're awesome, Csg does not grade vintage poorly, psa does psa just gives low grades if its old, csg grades the card, Deviation cards cracked a bunch of sgc vintage and sent to csg with same results with .5 difference some with sgc tought some with csg .5 tougher overall it was pretty accurate, dudes glance at a csg vintage and say oh thats overgraded i think thats , crack n sub it to sgc then get back to me., These opinions with no evidence is ridiculous. The csg registry is great cause ya have a chance at winning cause its new its impossible to beat psa registry with 25years of psa collectors, Csg has a good foundation and building a reputation of being consistent, I think csg will move along faster with more subs of high value cards csg is becoming the collectors grader the pc grader i think thats a good start its just gonna take some time, when collectors start to move some of those big PC cards Csg values will start go up, If the card is good and rare ya'll get good money, its been easier selling csg lately they're getting more accepted
  8. awesome feature i found out accidentally when taking a picture of a card
  9. ha you are correct, im sure they are capable of authenticating auto's but they probably have paperwork or other evidence to back the sheets up, Authenticating auto's for customers doesnt seem like something csg can guarentee 100%, the psa dna thing is bs no way they can be 100% certain of an auto, they dont even allow handwriting experts in courts of law because its a junk science, psa gets away with everything and customers never hold them accountable authenticating bogus auto's is just another psa scam
  10. kinda sux I like the cgc slabs but the csg flip would match batman cards a lot better then the baby blue
  11. they dont grade sneakers eighther but they had the jordan collection at the national, just another marketing promotion they made an exception for, not a service they're providing
  12. only on card autos from the manufacturer, not an auto ya got waiting in the parking lot, Im kinda glad I think its impossible to know for 100% I think the psa dna/ auth is total bs and guarentee they authenticated tons of fake auto's, Csg might want to collab with players to do signings at shows to authenticate on site but other then that I dont care if your NSA you cant 100% confirm an auto, I'm an illustrator on the side I can forge anything
  13. damn really, I got the batman n riddler rookies I really wanted them in Csg's holder cause the black will match better.. Arent csg starting to grade more nonsports? maybe next year?
  14. Does Csg grade the 1966 Blackbat set?
  15. yo Glenn ya gotta do more of those cracking sgc vintage to csg, I sent guys to your page they said its not a big enough sample size! 😂 they said i can tell csg is more leniant by looking! 🤦‍♂️ Im like but i got actual evidence n they say its not enough to tell ha So ya got 50-100 vintage sgc slabs laying around ya wanna crack 😂😂 that should do it!!
  16. thanx for getting back that makes sense
  17. agree its important for csg to stay proactive in the price war but pricing is a slippery slope you dont want to low ball your services too much or ya'll just be pigeon holed as the cheap grader the hobby dont take seriously with a ton of cheap slabs flooding the market but csg needs to keep it interesting n keep innovating for the customer, they dont have to bury psa like blockbuster to win, they just gotta be consistent over the years so csg slabs can get the same kind of premium as psa does
  18. sgc had a $9 deal with for bowman chromes so they had a good month, psa not sure how accurate their numbers are they have a backlog, tons of resubs and like everything with psa its a bit convaluded. they been around over 20 years, csg has a big hill to climb majority of the major collectors before 2020 have huge collections in psa slabs..a lot of people in the hobby have a ton of stock in psa they dont wanna see that drop and lots of the hobby just conforms and dont think for themselves. Overall the market is in a dip nothing seems to be moving very fast, but i think csg is slowly building legitamacy n trust in the hobby its just gonna take time. Its impressive csg is in the big 4 conversation and competes with sgc, bgs n psa and they only been open little over a year. If they can do that in a year i think in 5 years they are gonna be a real force in the hobby, Csg is building a solid following of pc collectors and becoming more trusted overall I just sold a Lebron topps rc csg8, trout rc bowman chrome csg 9 and a 87 jordan csg 7 and got slightly under psa comps 10-$20 under psa comps n sold in less then 2weeks not bad, i think more people are buying csg even if they crack em they trust they are getting a fair graded sharp card just gonna take some time n a few power moves by csg to stay competitive, good luck!
  19. Where can I get one of those Csg hoodies??
  20. I hate the 9.5 but its 100% nessacary!! Unfortunately i have a lot of 9.5's but with modern cards I think nuance is important or the market wil be flooded with a ton of pack fresh 10's or worse you have a bunch of really good 9's!! Even tho I get extremely dissapponted when i get a 9.5 I have to accept that my card had a flaw and its not a GEM! but its better then a 9!! 😃 🍻
  21. you should read the csg guarentee i think you can submit them for an appearence review, they guarntee that a card is genuine im assuming they simply couldnt make that guarentee with the information that your cards presented, that is going to happen they are not going to guess n take a chance. There is some really brilliant counterfitters n scammers out there and if they are guarenteeing your card is genuine that leaves no room for era. Doesnt matter how many graders or sets of eyes they probably all came to the same conclusion that i cant guarentee that this card wasnt trimmed or whatever. no matter how much technology or experienced a grader may be there is gonna be cards that cant be guarenteed geniune.
  22. thanx planning on getting more into vintage soon, Do you ever worry that vintage will crash due to the younger generations being unfamiliar with the players, I think jackie, mantle, hank always gonna be safe but what about lesser known great players? Its a concern of mine, I might pick up an Earl Monroe rookie (basketball) north philly native incredible player but im thinkin in 20years is anyone gonna know who earl monroe is? Will i be throwing my money away? or will vintage continue to age like wine with younger sports fans researching n keeping interest in the history of americam sports?
  23. the Jeter SP is a super tough gem, although I do think psa employees try n control pop on certain cards Jordan, Brady and maybe the Jeter sp, but there is a ton of collectors dissappointed with there jeter sp grade I wouldnt keep trying with that copy
  24. Great thanx for getting back so fast! 🍻
  25. Does Csg grade Pro star cereal cards? Psa does but would prefer csg