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  1. you can try n help dudes new to the hobby but its tough to explain how stringent the grading process is even experienced collectors think theres a conspiracy against there cards ha
  2. yea my cards werent checked in or verified for a while but looks like just came across as checked in, not sure how bad sarasota was hit but hopefully csg employees homes and lives werent affected, grading my cards seems so trivial when i think of the possibilty of there peope losing everything but there coming up as checked in now and hope csg employees keep there own collections safe and dry!
  3. we need a picture to tell, but it sounds like the card is off center decreasing value, psa10 or csg 10 condition cards are very rare especially as old as steve carlton, the border has to almost perfect all the way around on front and back, Some products like 1981 topps might not have a perfectly centered card in the whole entire product it might have maybe 5 or 10 psa 10's in existence, and it would have to be stored right. A screw down holder or top loader without a sleeve is enough to damage a card with indentations, causing it to decrease in value, its very unlikely you have a 10 or close too
  4. if they're kosher they'll get graded but csg isnt gonna take a chance if they think a card might be trimmed, this hobby is unforgiving they miss one trimmed card influencers are all over youtube saying csg sux they missed a trimmed 1950 sandy koufax and submissions are cut in half ha
  5. yep its crazy buying high grade csg vintage for cheap all day, its weird the high end vintage does pretty good but a lot of csg vintage is a steal its wild ill see raw cards goin for the same price as a csg 8! Cant hit buy now fast enough like i never even seen that card in an 8 ha or im like maybe i can push it and find a 9 for super cheap on 60 or 70yr old card
  6. sheesh! thats a clean Hank, cant tell from photo but looks like it coulda did even better, I have a tough time judging centering with small borders like that , might as well put this chat to good use and see how people are making out grading vintage, vintage gets left out of the grading conversation, been hearing csg kinda leniant compared to sgc not from the reveals i seen but only got 1 vintage card at csg now but plan on more
  7. Thoughts or experiences with Csg on vintage cards? compared to other graders? Csg vintage resale? Csg tough on vintage? Fair? Leniant? tough on some things easier on others? examples of vintage slabs, Overall do you like csg for vintage???
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    really!! ha thank you!
  9. sux thats a pretty bad dent, got a fish eye under the R and its a little off, has decent eye appeal tho edges n corners pretty sharp , I agree wit north korea on the 3-4, the dent alone will bring you to around a 5 assuming rest of the card was a gem, 75 is a cool lookin hank
  10. its tough with a picture i almost gave up! i could be wrong but looks like linear dents near the signature, theres 2 running parallel lines that look pretty deep. Ive seen csg miss a few little things overgrade on a bad corner exc. nothin too crazy but Ive never seen them hit a card heavy for no reason, theres always a reason sometimes its tough to find like greening but its always something, Thanx for sharing
  11. def 1990 topps whatever were both familiar with the sets, not true there were 2 kinds the ones sent to the white house had a more glossier finish made special for the president, others were released with the typical 1990 topps feel and finish both kinds were graded by psa both are legit
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    i got that fleer retro KD i cant tell if its glossy or not? any signs or marks or anything?
  13. i just submitted a 72 pistol pete i hope it doesnt have the sleeve on it! ill be pissed especially if it grades well
  14. the proset dessert storm cards were, I got mixed up the george bush card in his yale uniform was 91 topps baseball, 100 were made a small portion went to packs most of em were distributed to the whitehouse, but his chief of staff at the time was an avid card collector he stole most of em and sent them to psa to get graded ha He knew they were gonna be a fortune because they were so rare no one cared that he took them
  15. nah probably the most over printed cards ever, but also one of the most interesting sets of all time because if all the strange cards they put in there and error cards, maybe a gem santa clause or the george bush senior card, read about the set and look up the rare cards maybe ya'll get lucky only thing i would grade from those boxes I think there is a montana short print i forget
  16. they are always gonna be cautious, if csg sees a $50,000 vintage card under magnification and it was cut weird or whatever, they cant take your word for it so there is doubt, so they label it EV no harm no fail but if it was altered and it gets out once or more then once that they graded a fake or altered card everything csg did gets destroyed, they only been grading sports a year, csg wouldnt be able to recover from such bad PR. Some things in any career arent 100% some things no matter how skilled you are at a proffession are not %100 accurate. Psa n bgs are they the real pros? Sgc? all been out for over 20years if they grade a fake card or trimmed once in a blue its understandable Csg just starting out no room for error at this stage for them.
  17. idk but i seen a guy get 6 on a reveal so its possible
  18. yes Going foward 30 examples is needed to form a conclusion according to scientific method. If these examples with green label scale i would blame it all on centering. Csg's green label crntering scale was crazy strict 50/50 around except 1 side for gem is really tough and the examples you picked especially the 80's cards centering is a major problem. With csg's new scale redo same experiment with 30 cards take out patches and dye cuts I gaurentee they are very similiar 5-10% difference with csg being slightly tougher because my personal bias is csg is the most accurate grader imo
  19. its def off right to left under the green label scale putting centering around a 7.5-8 the green label centering scale super stringent and the greening I heard was a major problem with chrome cards until 1998-99 but its a beautiful card i would love to have that personally but might wanna crack n send to psa in hopes of getting an 8, there centering scale is much more leniant might even get an 8.5
  20. maybe cause under magnification the overall appeal of the card was better then the other one, subs are just a guide they arent the end all be all there's other catogories they take in consideration and ofcouse overall appeal of the card
  21. definantly a lot of whiners when it comes to csg, they dont like the color green, too much space, grades to hard Womp! Womp! to your point if get get a high value card graded not to your liking you can always call in and they'll tell ya why it got the grade it did..
  22. good point agree for comics its much needed, other small graders like tgt n fcg do it for free for every card, ya dont think it would give csg an edge for real high value cards just a few notes n arrows what was wrong with the card, not for everycard but if your paying a lot to get a 6 figure card graded already i think it would be a good idea to let a customer know why there $100,000 card is now $80,000 because it got a 7 not a 9 or 10. Cards over 5 figures fairly rare i dont think sharing graders notes would affect the budget enough to warrant an increase across the board imo
  23. Now with no subgrades would anyone want to see graders notes for high end cards? Cards over $5000 maybe? not on the slab but if you scanned the card? I think it could be good for csg to get more big cards in csg slabs, thoughts?
  24. only way to tell is to crack it and use a Lupe on the surface, no one gonna tell through a pic especially through a slab, customer service will tell ya why keep us posted im curious.
  25. i just watched a reveal seen an 89 bowman oversized griffey graded in new slab, same size slab just the border lip were bigger, I got that card its pretty big the pete maravich might be bigger tho not sure those 70s basketball are big as sh*t