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Where are the Mad Magazine collectors?
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Discovering the Mad material from the pre-magazine days blew my mind -- it seemed darker and meaner than anything in the regular Mads, in a fascinating way. Plus the art by Wood, Elder, Davis, Kurtzman, Wolverton etc. had more edge and chaos to it.


That reminds me that I need to pick up the first four Mad Archive books!







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Here's an updated picture of my foreign issues, now that most have arrived. Most are #1 issues, but I included some other "significant" issues too. Still need Kreten #1 and any issue from the Caribe edition to be fully represented. This photo is missing a 1993 Mexico, a Brazil 2nd edition #1 and has a Finland 1970 edition #3.


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I am surprised that you even found a MAD #1 at a flea market.


but an extra special surprise inside


I just organized and cataloged my MAD's a few weeks ago. Now I will have to see how many I actually have. I know that currently my oldest are nice copies of 24, 25 and 26. I used to have The comic issue with Mona Lisa on the cover, but sold it a long time ago.



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I have been reading the Harvey Kurtzman biography and it is a real blast. Then out of the blue today I was offered 25-30 issues of MAD from 1960-1970. They have not been in bags or anything and were described as being musty but with covers intact.


Any idea what the values is for low grade MAD. When DiceX was selling a few years ago they were around $1 each, would these even be worth that given that description? I have not yet seen the books and am wondering if it is worth my time although I think I want to read them no matter what.

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are they being offered in person or mailed to you? decent mid grade copies of the early 60s stuff seems to sell for $7-$10, but there is some variation. so if they are beaters and smell, yes, they might only have a FMV of $1-$2 or less.


flea market sellers always seem to overvalue these



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Might be of some increased interest with the upcoming film.


<a  href=https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2857/9264436852_b54d60bdd3_z.jpg' alt='9264436852_b54d60bdd3_z.jpg'>IMG MAD #203



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I have a MAD #1 and I am trying to build my collection of all the other parody magazines....with the very first issue of each magazine. I dont have CRACKED #1 yet but it is on my list. So far....I have


1. Crazy #1

2. Get lost #1

3. Mad #1

4. Monster Madness #1

5. Monsters to laugh with #1

6. Not brand ECHH #1

7. Plop #1

8. Snafu #1

9. Wacko #1

10. You dont say #1



I know there are more out there. I have made my own list of parody magazines, and so far I think I have seen or read about almost 50 different titles!




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This brings back memories. I must have been about 13 and saw a car approaching. I then threw a snowball as high as I could, ahead of the car. As luck would have it the snowball hit the cars front hood. The driver circled the block several times before departing. Needless to say that was the last time I threw a snowball at a car. :blush:



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