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Piling on. X-Factor #52 cover.




Yes, it's by Liefeld. Don't judge me.


Also looking for pages from the interior. Terry Shoemaker and Al Milgrom handled the art duties.




You should have put the "don't judge me" BEFORE the picture. :whee:


Nostalgia is a powerful thing. I can honestly say this is probably the only piece of art by RL that I'd like to own.


And since everyone else hates it — I should be able to have it for cheap. hm


Now who's gonna find it for me?

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Thanks much for the props, LastRaven!


I heard that page was stashed away as well. I was looking for it to go with the splash page that I have from the same comic:




I see... Oh well, I'll just have to be patient and save my money, heh. That's a pretty sweet page you have there though!




Classic, I can't blame you, I can only dream of owning this too!


Definitely! It'll have to be a dream for awhile longer, heh.

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I could fill this thread up with image after image, but in the interest of avoiding being tedious, I'll start with just one. I may add others later, and surely most readers are probably familiar with the 'wanted' pieces in my sig line.


Artist 'Ching Lau' worked very briefly in the comics field, for RobL and Maximum press. This Battlestar Galactica cover is attributed to him, (though it's just possible that someone else might have been using the sig 'Ching' at the same time) and the inker has now been confirmed by my inquiries as being Sean Parsons, not Dan Parsons.


For all I know 'Ching Lau' wasn't an American citizen while he was working, and has gone back home. He's been a tough one to track down.


Would love to own this cover from the Galactica run from Maximum:



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This piece was sold via Ebay some time ago by MIke Mayhew, and I am trying to find the owner of this cover (X-23 #2 Variant Cover). After a few conversations, Mike did not get back with me on providing the name/info of the owner or desire to contact them on my behalf, so I'm just out looking for it...


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Okay, I'll play.


I'd like the cover art to either issue 1 or 2 of The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index. The cover to issue 2 is in David Mandel's collection so I doubt that I'll be able to get it. But that does leave the first issue somewhere. Any ideas?


By the way I could be talked into some other piece with a mess of Legionnaires drawn by Curt Swan.




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...and here's the ONE LAST PAGE :pullhair: to complete the interior set of an issue of the Micronauts (IMAGE 2003).



Inker: BARB SCHULZ (no relation to Charles)


Likely somewhere in the Midwest, happily willing to pay a finder's fee to any 3rd party who points the way:



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I own a few pages of Chris Cross Captain Marvel art (which feature the Micronauts in a supporting role) and there are a few more from that run which I'd love to own, but this one is tops in that dept.


A partial splash which gives a little backstory for the Micronauts, teases a non-existent one-shot special (Small X-Pectations) and shout-outs Baron Karza long after the rights to even mention him in a Marvel title have lapsed.


Probably a little tough to find due to the presence of the X-men on the page, though all with their backs to us.


Captain Marvel 6 pg 12 (Marvel 1999)


Penciler: Chris Cross

Inker: Anibal Rodriguez


A minor grail.



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This should come as no surprise...


Some most-desired Karza pages from Pat Broderick's run on Marvel's MICRONAUTS


Penciler: Pat Broderick

Inker: Danny Bulanadi


1st two:

Micronauts 25 pg 31

Micronauts 26 pg 16




Next two:

Micronauts 26 pg 17

Micronauts 27 pg 15



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looking for this Kirby page. It's from Eternals issue 11 page 15. This was the first Kirby page I ever bought, some 17 years ago. I foolishly let this one go to make a larger purchase and have since regretted it. Have no idea who owns it now but if anyone has any info as to where it mmight be please let me know. kirbyeternals.jpg

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Fwiw, that sure does look familiar. I bet somebody here is going to be able to help you, because I think I've seen that around within the past few years. Maybe on CAF?

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