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The Official "Does Anybody Know Where This Art Is?" Thread
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Yep, made the same mistake twice. That page found it's way back to me once before so I'm hoping it can happen again


E-mail the guy you sold it to?


Next time, eat peanut butter and jelly for a month and keep the page!

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Hey all...not really an art collector, but I would LOVE to find the OA for this splash page (from Invaders #5):




This book, along with a few others (esp. Avengers #104, also drawn by Buckler, and the Origins of Marvel Comics/Son of Origins books), made a huge impression on me as a kid, and made me a lifelong Marvel fan.


Most of the comics I bought during the early/mid-70s were re-packaged coverless remainder books (which came in 2-for-25-cent multi-packs -- I still have my original coverless copies of Avengers 104 and Invaders 5), so the splash pages are actually more desirable to me than the covers, which I never saw until years later.


Assuming it exists, any idea what I could expect to pay for it?





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At first I thought I had nothing to add to this thread, since there are few specific pages or covers that I am looking for, I'll just know I want it when I see it.


I just remembered that I once got a great Dale Keown Splash of Marvel Girl/Jean grey from X-factor and I didn't realize that it was part of a DPS. If anyone knows where the other half of the DPS is, let me know! The pair should be reunited!


CAF link to my 1/2 of the Keown X-Factor DPS as well as the published pages showing the full DPS




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Here are a few things I have been trying to track down, one of my favorite Eduardo Barreto covers from his run on the New Teen Titans





Marvel Graphic Novel "Sword of the Swashbucklers" Cover by jackson Guice



There were 7 unpublished covers for X-Factor #1, I own three still looking for the other 4. I only know what one of the 4 looks like. Here it is. By Jackson Guice and Bob Layton



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My only non-Micronauts attempt to assemble a book.


Looking for pages from ROM Spaceknight Annual #2:


Penciler: Sal Buscema

Inkers: Ian Akin and Brian Garvey


I have over a third of the book so far, but the rest of the pages have been slow going, probably not a surprise with ROM:




Willing to consider trades of other ROM pages to further completion of this book.



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Here's a couple of pages where pics of the OA have surfaced, though the owners are still unknown:


LEFT: Micronauts 6 pg 30


Penciler: Michael Golden

Inker: Joe Rubenstein


RIGHT: Micronauts 27 pg 26


Penciler: Pat Broderick

Inker: Danny Bulanadi



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Guest Reader

I'm looking for Steranko's preliminary drawing of Lady Luck from his 1973 Supergirls calendar for the month of May. Will pay a finders fee upon acquisition. Thanks, all.

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(pic snipped)

Does Walt not have this [X-Men/Teen Titans crossover] cover? He keeps the majority of his stuff.


Yes about 99% sure that it still resides with him. I guess I should have changed my post to, "does anyone know how to convince Walt to get a CAF account?"


Well, Walt does have a Facebook account, within which he's been known to post scans of old stuff. He's posted one scan of a Battlestar Galactica splash page which nearly gave me fits:




So, as it's still ensconced in Vault du Simonson, very unavailable.

But, as my 5-yr-old niece would say: "oooOOOoooo... sparkly!"

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I'm looking for any pages from The Walking Dead #48.


I know of the ones on CAF, but they don't seem to be moving any time soon (if at all) which is too bad. If anyone has any leads to other pages, please let know!


I got a list here of what everyone else is looking for on here so I'll shoot whoever a PM if I come across something specific they're looking for.

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i think this is right


"Saga of the Swamp Thing" issue 42 and i seem to think its page 16 or 17, i get confused as i only have Moore's run in TPB, anyway its the page where Swamp Thing walks into the house and he's on fire[/spoilers], looks awesome, Bisette and Totleben on pencils and colours respectively

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Okay I will try. I just missed out on a grail. I have vowed to not let that happen again. I have already reached out to the owners of 2 others (I have about 5 I guess). So here is my number one, true grail. this is by P Craig Russell and is a double page spread from Ultimate Spider-man Super Special #1 published in July 2002.




I drove a bit earlier this year to ask PCR about it directly and he told me it was long gone! So if you know where it is, tell the owner to come and take advantage of me! Bend me over a barrel, I really don't mind. (Sorry that these seem like rape analogies, but they apply!)


sean wasielewski

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It's no secret that I'm trying to put together the 6-page epic battle sequence between the thing and Dr. Doom from Fantastic Four #40. I have 5 of the 6 pages ( You can see the ones I have here ).


Here's the one that still eludes me (scanned from Essential FF TPB). If you have any idea who might own the OA to this page, please let me know. Thanks!



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