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I wanna start chasing Marvel 2nd prints...
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and thrids as well. Seems like a very curious subset to try and chase, with 90% of them being pretty cheap and easy to find. Searched the web for a definitive list and came up with nothing, except random issues here and there. My list so far looks like this...what other books should I be adding???


2nd prints


Spider-Man #1


X-Force #1


X-Men #221, 248, 268, 270, 275, 281, 282, 303 (Pressman)


New Mutants #87, 95, 100


FF #347, 348, 371


ASM #101, 265, 292, 361, 362, 390


Wolverine #41, 42


Cap #282, 371


Alpha Flight #106


Daredevil #319


X-Factor# 60, 71


Hulk #377, 393, 400


Web of Spidey #90


Ghost Rider #1, 5, 15


Silver Surfer #50


New Warriors #1


Sleepwalker #8


Secret Wars #1-3


Thanos Quest #1, 2


Micronauts #1-3


GI Joe #2, 3, 4, 5, 63 (So much Fun)


Smurfs #1-3


Deaths Head #2


Nam #1, 52


Thanks for your participation in advance.



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Early GIJoes. 3, 4, 5, and 21 off the top of my head. And the So Much Fun #63. Good luck with that one. They don't come up for sale often, and when they do they are not cheap. Even low grade copies.

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I love these as well, and have been picking up copies when I can find them. I'd also be interested in a complete list of these so I know what to keep an eye out for.


ASM #265 is another. ASM #101 got a second print much later with a silver cover.


X-Force #1 got a 2nd print, and technically the gold Spider-man #1 is a 2nd print, isn't it?


New Mutants #100 also got a 3rd print, if you care.


Had this random image in my dropbox, so here you go:



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There are quite a few of these even if you only count Copper and before. Here are some I just thought of...


FF 371


Ghost Rider 1 and 15


New Warriors 1


ASM 101, 265, 390


Cap 282


Alpha Flight 106


Silver Surfer 50


Daredevil 319


New Mutants 100


I know I am missing several more and then of course you have all the Marvel So Much Fun reprints that PA mentioned and all the Marvel Vintage Pack reprints. This would make an interesting set though!





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Great collecting focus!


Were there ever any Marvel second prints from this era or earlier that featured completely different cover art? Or was it always just variations in the coloring?

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Do magazines count? Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit #1 had a second printing. And a bunch of the graphic novels all had second printings - they did have different covers in some cases.


There are also 2nd prints of Secret Wars #1-3 that appeared in 3 packs.


And, don't forget about the first reprints - Star Wars #1-6!

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For ASM all the second prints for 525-528 (The Other story) are new art for costume.

Also 532, 537, 538, 539, 612, 569-573, 596-598 differ from first prints but appear to be from interior art. 620 (w/deadpool) has a same cover second print.

There's also 638's "O" cover which is credited as new art by Lark.

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