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Dr. Zonfeld's Pence Palace of Profundity


"Medusa Touch...? Must be touched, more like!

And that's Marwood & I, I mean, for thinking anyone here would be interested in any more of their off grid comic ramblings. Poor boys. More pence than cents, those two...

Anyway, I can't stop. A new client by the name of Baylock insists on seeing me at six. Insists! And at exactly six minutes past six, I'll have you know. Very precise woman. And very strange, with today being the sixth and all...

I don't know, I do get them!


Wish me luck now"


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This is a Streamline Pictorial Romance Journal Entry

This is a Streamline Pictorial Romance Journal Entry Hello  Every now and again I like to collect and showcase a group of British books that sit some way off of the average collector's radar. I'm sure there are experts and romance collectors out there who know all or a bit about them, but they don't appear to have shared much information online if so. Indeed, most of them don't even appear on the GCD, with only five issues listed at the time of writing. Still, I wouldn't want to see the