THE FLASH starring Ezra Miller 2022
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Now, in an interview with Discussing Film, Clemons has discussed what it feels like to have finally worked on the long-awaited superhero movie. The actress says “It didn’t feel real”, saying that the long wait between the film’s announcement and its eventual production “felt weird.” Clemons states that “Iris has grown up” since she first took on the role over five years ago, and that the version we will see in The Flash is a “different version than what I may have had an idea of” originally. Despite the odd nature of the film’s eight year-long process, the film is officially coming in 2022, and the Iris West actress says “I’m excited for the people who are excited." Read Clemons’ full interview quote below:


“It didn’t feel real. None of it. From the day I started to the day that I wrapped. Because we waited so long that I was like, “I’m not really here right now.” It felt very– it felt weird. I’m not gonna lie. It felt weird because it’s been a long time. Yeah. Iris has grown up and is a different version than what I may have had an idea of who she would be. It was just a discovery and it was really exciting. […] I initially came on to the movie excited to work with who was the director at the time, but also excited to be in a superhero movie. Now, it’s less about the movie. I’m excited for Andy, who’s our director now, but now it’s more so, I’m excited for the people who are excited, and who have been commenting on my photos “Iris West” for five years. Like, are you joking? This is for them.”


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might not see this one; if the reviews are good, i'll change my tune, but this is not a character i liked as a kid, and nothing in the trailer grabbed me.   oh, well, probably on me, but it's just the way i feel.

but i love what i'm seeing with pattinson's batman.


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