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Bone Appreciation Thread
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Check the notation on the label ... lol


hm , that looks like a nice copy too.


That reminds me...who would we talk to at CGC to request label additions on particular issues? There are a few first appearances of major characters in the Bone series that aren't noted. (shrug)

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Ok, here's my list of Bone comics that don't have the following info on their labels:


#4 - 1st appearance of Kingdok and The Hooded One

#5 - 1st appearance of Lucius Down

#23 - 1st appearance of Bartleby

#28 - 1st apperance of Rogue Ja


SPOILER ALERT (highlight to read)

#53 - "Death" of Lucius Down and The Hooded One


Possibly #36 as well - Identity of The Hooded One revealed


Any others that may deserve label additions?

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I lump Jonathan in with Euclid and Wendell. I think they're too minor (I'll guess their 1st appearance is in #5 with Lucius). Though Tarsil actually does stuff, he's in the same boat as the Barrelhaven crew. :/

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Here is a recent pick-up of mine from the former rolo40/crackbacks set that was acquired by PhiGam. The #5 first print is by far the hardest book in the Bone series to get in ultra high grade and this is the one & only 9.4 sitting atop the census. This is also the first appearance of Lucius Down that I'd like to have added to the label sometime in the future. Thank you Colin for letting it go!! :grin: :grin:



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