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From Card shows as a Kid with my Uncle, An Swap meets with my pops. Collecting Cards with friends to learning about little monsters with reasons to fight. I have been collecting Sports cards and Everything in between. Defiantly have stacked a few decent piles accumulating collections from family, Never knowing what to do with them. So few years ago became ill so I had time on my hands and could not return to work. chemo and divorce plays a role in between now a single father covid-19 gave no relief.  So as it all clicked together in a way I have no idea how. I try Figure out how to pay the bills, be dad, pretend to be happy, and also deal with my health.  So many cards So many toys Not enough Hours in a day. To start I should prolly organize and sort. uggghh FML131466452_2773660626209616_6870992936327173064_n.thumb.jpg.f510a1d6bf10e1ad4795449ae7daf573.jpg131435937_866172703953494_2095572056844619781_n.thumb.jpg.4de2c7c88fdbcd4faa4e9a1a7706335a.jpg    

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Door to Door Trading cards

OK so on July 12th I sent a Card to CGC and SGC Both locations are in Florida. CGC order was with a elite membership express service level with sub grades and Turnaround times of 7 days for express and an additional 5 days for sub grades. SGC was a basic account basic service 30 day Turn around. Broken down this is how it stacks up to one another. CGC Express with Sub Grades On Elite member account. CGC bill- $98.50 Plus the Additional $32.50 paid for Shipping with $3000 insurance thro


Pika-Drew in just a look at 2