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    Kenneth Anger
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    Should grading agencies exchange graded comics to ensure accuracy across the board?

    I am a hazardous materials specialist. My main focus is removal of asbestos containing materials (ACM) following protocols set by government agencies.

    While removing ACM's, we are required to perform third party asbestos air monitoring using various consulting firms that specialize in this field.

    A government requirement is that these third party agencies must submit to a round robin service where by they exchange asbestos air samples with their asbestos consulting competitors for re-analysis to ensure their results are in-line with each other.

    I submit that this sounds like a great idea for the comic grading agencies as well. CGC, PGX & CBCS pick a variety of comics at various grades from their stock and exchange with each other for comparison grading. My interest in this was brought up not only because of my past work with the ACM air sample round robins I have been involved with but also because I just submitted a competitor's graded copy of a Tales of Suspense for re-grading by CGC and I am anxiously waiting to see if CGC grading concurs with the competitors grade previously given.

    If anybody reads this I would be very interested to hear from those that have taken competitor graded comics and submitted them to CGC for re-grading. How did they compare?

    Just an idea.

    K. Anger

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  1. ComicBookTrends
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    Friends don't let friends get shilled.

    This is a shill-free zone to discuss modern comics. All opinions are welcome, but this is not a cheerleading area like so many of the modern comics threads.

    You can discuss what's going up, what's going down, and what is just hype.

    My personal goals for this thread is to create an archive of the books sites like cBSi try and push on the boards, and what the real sales data shows.

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  2. Recent issues with the additions of "Qualified Signature Series" books to the Registry.

    The Qualified Signature Series or Yellow/Green label applies to a comic book that has been signed by someone of significance to the comic, and also exhibits a qualifying defect or unwitnessed signature. For example, if a comic book missing a page and is signed by Stan Lee under direct observation of a CGC representative, the book will be graded as if the page was not missing, and given the Qualified Signature Series label with a notation of the missing page on the label. Another example is if Stan Lee signed a high grade comic book under direct observation, but the cover also exhibited a signature not observed by a CGC representative. Stan Lee's witnessed signature (Signature Series) and the other signature (Qualifier in high grade) would result in a Qualified Signature Series label.

    Many Collectors Society Members have been excited to add these books to their Registry. Unfortunately, when this new label designation was established, the ability for books with these type of labels to be added to the Registry had not been addressed. Our web developers have been contacted and the new labels will be added to the Registry, for your convenience, when the new website upgrade is made live. This upgrade is expected to go live sometime after the holidays. The CGC is sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Mollie Davis at mdavis@cgccomics.com.

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    This Journal will be to document my journey to complete a volume 1 X-Men collection.


    I have decided to document my journey as I try to collect a complete set of X-Men volume 1. I guess history will be the best place to start, like most of us I spent a lot of time reading comics growing up in the 80s. I raided the spinner racks every time we went to our local grocery store. The trip that sealed the deal and made me a real comic fan was the day I found Uncanny X-Men #210. The menacing looking group looking for a fight....I had to get in on that. After that I collected through my teens and never really stopped reading different titles but somehow dropped the X-Men from my have to reads. Now many years later I am going to focus and build that full run collection I always daydreamed about as a kid.

    1st piece was recently purchased at a local comic shop from the back issue boxes which are almost all priced at $1.00. It is Uncanny X-Men #214. I saw this as a good sign seeing as how my love for the X-men started within a few issues of this one. This weekend should lead to a comic trip as I have 4 within 20 minutes of each other and my house. More X-Men goodness to come.

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    Follow Pike as he plans his future events and gives breakdowns of his past and future adventures in Comics.







    I will also be answering any question people have along with giving details in regards to collections i have bought.

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  3. Comics bring the World together!!

    Many friends help make this come true. And as I was told, Stan the man was staring hard at it and asked if we have another copy available.

    And this is the one and only in the world currently, and I am proud.

    Thank you all.


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    A newcomer's entry into the world of graded and slabbed books; a trip that started 30+ years ago

    A quick origin story. Like so many other kids, the GI Joe Hasbro cartoons and toys fascinated me as a child in the early to mid 80s. A trip to the grocery store yielded the familiar results: GI JOE issue 5, 1982.

    Then a few issues that were bagged with two super hero comics. And it begins. From there to discovering places like Now & Then Books in Kitchener. The early 90s ushered in the dual threat of a downswing in quality in the industry and the start of college and a career and I was out until I started playing Heroclix in 2004, which re-ignited my love of comics.

    That transitioned into original art around 2010. I feel happy with that collection and needed a new fix recently this year. I've got more books than I have time to read, more games than I have time to play, and more art than I have walls to display it on.

    I hadn't been a fan of slabbed books before but suddenly they made sense to me...I had long since sold off longbox after longbox of my singles, preferring Essentials and trades. But the idea of having some higher quality treasures back, in a preserved and highly displayable format, well, here I am!

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  4. Oh, that trip back in memory lane.

    I haven't written a journal in over two years. It isn't that I died or had no desire, I just had other things going on. I went back to grad school to finish work on my Doctorate in Education, so I was studying a lot and my money was going toward tuition and books as opposed to collectibles. So, I finished up in late July (well, except for the dissertation) and now I can sort of get back to my life.

    I found myself reading a lot of comic books from the early to mid seventies recently. Specifically, I've been looking at 1973-1978 mostly. Nothing in particular. I bought some Marvel Team Up, Kamandi, Mister Miracle, Thor, Captain America, Shazam, Fantastic Four, and a wide variety of other things. I've actually been kind of cheap, since I didn't want to spend money on the expensive stuff. The whole time that I was reading these books I was thinking "Man, comics were so great! I wish they were like this again!"

    So, I wonder, were they really that great? I mean, were they better than the 60's or the 80's? Or now? I really don't know. What I do know is this: I was 8 years old in 1973, and a more fervent comic book reader did not exist. In mid 1974, my dad took a job in a very small town (pop 202) and I knew nobody and when I got to school right away I was the new guy and I spent fourth grade pretty much alone. But, every Saturday we drove to the nearest town and I'd go grocery shopping with my mom and I'd hit the comics rack and talk mom into 3-5 comics. So, I can safely say that comics from this time period were my best friends. I must have read the Spectre Adventure Comics at least 100 times each. The same goes for the Thors of the mid 230's. I didn't remember the covers, because those got ripped off after the 8th or 9th reading. After a year, we moved out of the small town and I could resume life, but comics were still a big part of it.

    So now, I find myself reading these same old books (and a few that I didn't own back then) and I wonder if I am reading them with the eyes of a 51 year old. Or, am I reading them as an 8-12 year old read them back in the 70's? And are my rose colored glasses affecting my vision? I wonder if today's kids will think back upon their comics (or video games or whatever it is that makes them happy) and remember how great things were back in the day.

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  5. I love you so much

    CGC makes my loins tingle. You've done so much for me, well as long as I've been willing to pay for it. I want to have all of your children.


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    I thought I would post some of the interesting books I pick up at conventions and the LCS. Since I collect GGA, precode horror, precode romance, GA superhero when I can get them, mainstream books, marvel price variants, other rare variants, keys in general, etc., there is always an interesting mix...

    For my first post, I'd like to post my pickups from the Terrificon held at Mohegan Sun last weekend. I went on Saturday and picked up a lot of books I really didn't go there to find.


    In the top left is a low grade copy of the Pressman variant of Uncanny X-Men 297. This is not a book you find often and since it is lower grade, the price was not in the multiple hundreds of dollars and I pounced on it.

    Moving right is a decent copy of Shazam 25 featuring the first appearance of Isis. This is a book I try to get whenever I can find it for a decent price.

    I also got a good deal on a Superman: The Man of Steel 17 featuring the first appearance of Doomsday. I still think this book is kind of underrated.

    I found a copy of the White Trash variant of Dawn #1 that I have been looking for for over twenty years. It's not THAT hard to find but I never found a copy I wanted to spring for until last weekend.

    3-D zone 16 featuring Space Vixens by Dave Stevens. Yes.

    A VF copy of Marvel Spotlight 28 featuring the first solo Moon Knight story. A cool book to add.

    On the next row is the second printing of Fantastic Four 371 which features a rather unique red cover. This copy is also signed with a COA.

    Wildcats 1 Gold edition. You don't see that everyday and these books that used to sell for good money go so cheap right now...wait for it...

    Spiderman 2099 newsstand or second print, I am not sure which. But it has the white cover that so many covet.

    A tough to find Iron Man 44 in VF/NM shape. This picture frame book is exceedingly rare in high grade and I am happy to add one to my collection.

    Harbinger 0 pink variant. This book is hard to find and I finally found one for a price I was willing to pay for it. Sweet!

    And absolute Vertigo featuring the first appearance of Preacher. Not a book I was looking for at all but a cool one nonetheless. And I didn't have the money on me for the Preacher 1...

    Thanks for checking out my findings!

    There will be more to follow soon!

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  6. getxman's Journal

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    When is a good time to grade?

    I believe if you like it preserve it. In the past 12 month I have acquired around 180 comics. A pretty wide verity to say the least. X-men #3 lately at an antique mall. A 1951 Don Winslow from a local hole in the wall which is a pretty interesting place to visit to an issue 92 of The Walking Dead. I was intrigued with it because it was the first full appearance Jesus.

    I also acquired a Savage Dragon and a Spider-man with President Obama on the cover. Sending in 13 tomorrow for grading from 2.5 to 9.8, I hope. we will see.


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  7. A tale of pithy reviews, low-grade abominations and generally fuzzy collecting.

    Hi there.

    I'd like to start a series of journal entries, cataloguing my comic book collection, reviewing them in an honest if perhaps uneducated way. Sharing random thoughts & purchases and generally boring you all along the way.

    The aim is to perhaps attempt to focus what I want and what I get out from the genre and to alleviate the good people in the FF collecting thread from my inane ramblings.

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    How I got my saga of the swamp thing 37 cgc 9.8

    Download the mercari app use promo code GGEXZP for free credits and get in on some amazing deals.

    I have purchased in the last 3 months:

    Asm238 5$

    Saga of the swamp thing 37 5$

    Dark knight returns 1 25$

    And that's just for starters. If you are a seller there are no fees.

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    Recent Entries

    This journal will showcase 1 underground comic a day

    Feel free to contribute. I hope this turns into an open dialogue about all things underground.

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  8. Rip's Journal

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    My Adventures in Comic Hunting

    Some people at work suggested I write something about my weekly tales in comic hunting. Over the years I've found some amazing stuff. I've also been in some scary places as well. This thread is a journal of my adventures.

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  9. More treasures involving the things I enjoy.

    Went to the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and submitted many books. TMNT #1 3rd Print #3 & #4 1st Prints. Dark Shadow by Gold Key issues 6-10, Man from U.N.C.L.E. #3, Hogan's Heroes 5 & 9, Blitzkreig #1, Brave & The Bold #200 and Amazing Spider-Man #102 in German. They should be back sometime In September. Now for the long wait :).

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    Latest Entry

    Opening Remarks

    Greetings CGC community, just saying hello from the Philippines.

    Obviously I am new to all these comic collection. I do prefer signature series as a personal collection, I feel having signed by the artist/author gives a sense of personal satisfaction at least for me :)

    Hope to have friends here too! Till next time! Thanks!


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  10. bagofleas
    Latest Entry

    Its finally that time again!

    Since hitting Heroes Con last year for the first time, I resigned myself to never missing this awesome show again! Easily the best show on the east coast every year!

    And now its finally time for Heroes Con again this weekend! Ive got lots of stuff to do at this show! Many books that I will get signatures on, many people to aid in their searches for that next awesome graded treasure, and many friends to see and spend time with!

    And of course, all of the awesome artwork that the artists do at this show for the annual art auction that they run every year!!

    This will be a fantastic weekend filled with comic art greatness!!

    I will post pictures after the weekend is over.


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  11. tj watson1
    Latest Entry


    Just received today, it's a thicker book that would have the thicker old case. Centering perfect,no Newton effect, book is secure and not moving, no ripples book is flat with no undo pressure on staples. I could not ask for a better displayed and preserved book. The only problems I'm finding is their more reflective when taking pictures ( that my ceiling reflect on the left lol)


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  12. The great migration...

    An opportunity in our shopping complex has arisen. We are going to expand our store by about 40% more space. I guess that's the good news. What's the bad, you ask? Moving a long time, well established store.

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  13. I could think of no better occasion to mark my 1st Journal entry.

    Finally, my Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issue set "Badger's Bronzers" is finally 100% complete. I recently received the last books back from CGC that I needed to complete the set. One was a disappointing grade, so I bought a 9.6 copy on ebay to replace it. The other Giant Size Werewolf #2 came back in 9.6 which made the cut. I was very glad as that book has been very difficult to track down in high grade.

    Anyways, I am now un-obscuring my set. It is finished and ready to be seen by all who want to take a look. There are front and back pictures of every book, so take a peek at the gallery. There is one single highest graded book in the set (see attached).

    Whew! this has been a long time coming! Finally time to celebrate! :)



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  14. ...once again no 9.9 :(

    HI Guys!

    I have been away for a while :)

    Mego World Greatest Superheroes are my new passion so CGC books have lost the top priority in my collection...but despite of this I keep on submitting books...

    I have just received 60 graded comics (mostly early copper age) I had shipped to CGC in February 2016. 39 working days to get the awaited "graded" status is a VERY LONG TIME in my opinion.

    Honestly, after 38 submissions, I need to say that this long waiting really demotivates me a lot. I think that 15-20 working days should be the maximum acceptable amount of time. :(

    These books were selected during 2015 and most of them came back in 9.4 (the minimum grade I usually accept for post 1980 books) or better...

    2x 8.5 3x 9.0 9x9.2 13x9.4 17x9.6 16x9.8

    ...with the gem being a complete DD 227-233 (Nocenti Miller) run...that resulted in an almost complete set in 9.6-9.8 (weirdly 227 came out in 8.5 doh!)

    Unfortunately after 38 submissions to CGC for a total of 880 books I still haven't received a single 9.9 :(


    Amazing Spider-Man 255 9.4-9.6 // 9.6

    Amazing Spider-Man 343 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Avengers 299 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Avengers 300 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Cloak & Dagger 4 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Daredevil 227 9.4-9.6 // 8.5

    Daredevil 228 9.4-9.6 // 9.6

    Daredevil 229 9.4-9.6 // 9.6

    Daredevil 230 9.4-9.6 // 9.6

    Daredevil 231 9.4-9.6 // 9.8

    Daredevil 232 9.4-9.6 // 9.8

    Daredevil 233 9.4-9.6 // 9.6

    Elektra Assassin 3 9.4-9.6 // 9.2

    Excalibur 1 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Excalibur 6 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Excalibur 7 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Fantastic Four 322 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Fantastic Four 323 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Fantastic Four 336 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Hulk 369 9.6-9.8 // 9.2

    Spawn 9 9.4-9.6 // 9.6

    Thor 392 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men 275 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men 276 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men 169 9.4-9.6 // 9.2

    Uncanny X-Men 198 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men 231 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 234 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men 236 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 238 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men 262 9.6-9.8 // 9.2

    Uncanny X-Men 270 9.6-9.8 // 9.2

    Uncanny X-Men 280 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men 284 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 285 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men 294 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 295 9.6-9.8 // 9.2

    Uncanny X-Men 296 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Wolverine 4 9.6-9.8 // 9.0

    Wolverine 5 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    X-Factor 12 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    X-Factor 14 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    X-Factor 33 9.6-9.8 // 9.2

    X-Factor 35 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    X-Factor 71 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    X-Factor 84 9.2-9.4 // 9.0

    X-Factor 85 9.6-9.8 // 9.0

    X-Factor 86 9.6-9.8 // 8.5

    X-Factor 19 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men 186 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men 193 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 197 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 267 9.6-9.8 // 9.2

    Uncanny X-Men 279 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 287 9.6-9.8 // 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men 288 9.6-9.8 // 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men 289 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men 290 9.6-9.8 // 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men 291 9.6-9.8 // 9.2

    Wolverine 2 9.6-9.8 // 9.8



    Federico - Italy

  15. B. Koski
    Latest Entry

    New Gods #2

    Darkseid's 1st cover appearance. Trying to find a higher grade of this book, but seems very hard to find graded for some reason. I see plenty of #1's....just not many #2's..?


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  16. Udidar1
    Latest Entry

    A quarter gone

    Damn you fire in Fort Mac. If I was there i would drink a 2litre of Pepsi and take a leak on it to show my disdain. When i moved to Australia from Canada, my brother let me keep my comic collection at his place. His place is now just a pile of ash. His comic and my comic collection are history. I think i had 63 graded comics there. Thankfully no valuable graded ones. Just cheap Hulks mostly i think. I will have to go through my notes someday to figure out which ones. But my near complete run of ungraded hulks ( not super high grades) and his near complete ungraded iron man in nice grade along with a few thousand other comics are burnt to a crisp.

    Actually i dont give a as i finally found out my brother was ok but is trapped out at his jobsite while his wife and little ones made a frantic dash south out of the city.

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  17. It's taken me years and a bit of cash but I am finally in the top spot in Captain Marvel Adventures.

    My recent ascent was helped by the fact that Starman221 was going in the opposite direction. Seeing the goal within striking distance I did a sprint to the finish line and put myself fairly deep in the red based on my buying budget but that's cool because I always pull myself back out. My recent purchases may be my last for most of the rest of the year unless a must have item appears.

    My next goal is to try and reach the registry total that Starman211 had when he won the 2009 Golden Age set of the year. That total was 34870 while I have 29930. I have no illusions that I will suddenly win Golden Age set of the year the moment I exceed 34870 particularly since the competition has become much fiercer since 2009. The lowest registry point total in the Golden Age category was 47355 but that one was 95% complete while mine is a dainty 35%. On the other hand I have no comics with a grade less than 7.5 and I average well above 9.0. A good percentage of my collection are highest or second highest grade.

    I probably have a better chance of winning best presentation and I've spent a ton of time on my comic descriptions. I've read almost every comic I own using scans online. So if you want to learn more about Captain Marvel, the ORIGINAL Captain Marvel, Please check out my set and enjoy.

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