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    Moved into a new home with more square footage. Look what I did to one of the rooms!

    Moved into a newer home with an extra room. Hubby helped me transform it into my own comic book room. I like collecting Walking Dead comics, comics featuring strong females heroines, and comics featuring African American protagonists. Hubby likes collecting political comics. We mounted all of our CGC comics on clear frame holders we purchased from Amazon. We invested in a laser leveler. That helped us get everything nice and even.


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  1. I would like to share my fondness for TPBs and graphic novels.

    One thing I like more than collecting comics is reading them. For financial sake I chose to collect more of these than comics so that I had more to read for my money.

    I will be posting the various kinds that I like and why I chose them.

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    Who would have thought that the excitement of submitting books to CGC could become addictive.


    Here I am on a daily basis at the moment checking where in the process my Ghostbusters Get Real #1 are. And to be honest, I know what a lengthy process it is but can't help but get excited when I see just the slightest shift in the momentum of going from 'Received' to 'Verified' (Hell Yes! One step closer).

    I am planning on submitting all covers of the GB/Get Real Books so that the entire collection can be posted on the registry in all its glory! (I like to think I'm an active ambassador for the GB Series).

    But now with the excitement of waiting on my first set of books submitted, I'm looking (and waiting) for the chance to submit the next 5-10 books for grading and when they get back rub my hands with glee knowing my books are now permanently looked after (well at least for the greater part of years to come).

    So now the wait goes on and I will post my books when I receive them back in Journal Post #2

    Happy Collecting Groovers.

    **Ur Mumma** Signing Off

    (For Now)

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  2. I love image. I hate Shadowhawk.


    To me Shadowhawk represents the worst of every high-concept (He rips out their spine!), low-quality, gimmick ridden cliche that derailed the comic book industry in the 90s.I got this back from CGC yesterday.I picked this book off the shelf the day it was released because I thought it was novel. Today I cherish the metaphor. When you strip away the die-cut foil, and remove the embossing from the cover. Shadowhawk was nothing more than the big smudge of ink you see here.My first Manufacturing Error, and my first Qualified label.If you like MEs then I hope you enjoy this one.If you hate Shadowhawk, then I hope you enjoy it even more!Clearly this cover missed a pass through the die-cut foil machine, and I guess the same machine probably does the embossing as well. My only disappointment is that while the label states MANUFACTURED WITHOUT SILVER FOIL ON COVER, I wish it would have also noted the missing embossing.The effect is pretty dramatic for multiple reasons:1. Of course Shadowhawks chromey helmet is now a flat white.2. The mysterious WHO IS words are missing due to the absence of the embossing.3. The artist signatures were also embossed and are therefore missing.4. And the overprinting of the black obfuscates the Image logo and price, etc...Not to be confused with the newsstand variant which was printed in flat grays.This is pretty cool for a hardcore Image collector like me, and a 9.8 to boot. Its a keeper.16858.jpg.840c6f856c5824eba44122d97e1d61d5.jpgTo see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

  3. A chronicle of the steps involved with having a huge sale on the CGC Boards

    I'm having a huge alphabetized copper/modern sale starting on the boards starting 9/21/15, and running about a week.

    Available will be the vast majority of my collection, about 2.5 long boxes and 30-50 slabs, somewhere between 600-800 comics I think?

    This journal will be me cataloguing my steps and thoughts along the way.

    Before I get to the actual journaling, here is a list of topics I think I'll address, although there may be more and some of the topics might end up being discussed in parts, and they'll be somewhat chronological.

    1. Selecting a date(s) for the sale.

    2. Organizing your comics.

    3. Taking pictures of or scanning comics. Then uploading them.

    4. Grading comics.

    5. Pricing comics.

    6. The actual running of the sale.

    7. Organizing the sold comics.

    8. Marketing (interspersed throughout)


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  4. For a reason other than the fact I'm in Texas.

    I had to take nearly a 6 month hiatus from picking up any silver or golden age books for my collection as I needed to divert some funds to help out a family member who was in a tough spot. I limited myself for the past half year to only buying my modern reading material. Now that family is squared away I felt I needed to make up for my collecting downtime by picking up a few of the bigger books I've been itching to pick up or upgrade to. Mission Accomplished!


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  5. Can not find set.

    Usually pretty good at this. Not able to find set it belongs to.




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  6. More X-Men, New Mutants, and X-Factor doubles

    More books that I submitted at the Wizard World, Minneapolis Con. Lots of dups. The "value tier" I submitted at the same time has much less duplicates. I'll post those when they arrive.

    These are the grades:

    New Mutants #1 9.6

    New Mutants #1 9.6

    New Mutants #1 9.8

    New Mutants #1 9.8

    New Mutants #1 9.4

    New Mutants #1 9.4

    New Mutants #1 9.4

    New Mutants #1 9.4

    New Mutants #1 9.8

    New Mutants #1 9.6

    X-Factor #1 9.6

    X-Factor #1 9.6

    X-Factor #1 9.4

    X-Factor #1 9.4

    X-Factor #1 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men #244 9.8 (first Jubilee)

    Uncanny X-Men #244 9.8 (first Jubilee)

    Uncanny X-Men #244 9.8 (first Jubilee)

    Uncanny X-Men #244 9.6 (first Jubilee)

    Uncanny X-Men #244 9.8 (first Jubilee)

    Uncanny X-Men #244 9.6 (first Jubilee)

    Uncanny X-Men #248 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men #248 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men #248 9.8

    Uncanny X-Men #266 9.8 (first Gambit)

    Uncanny X-Men #268 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men #268 9.4

    Uncanny X-Men #268 9.6

    Uncanny X-Men #268 9.6

    X-Men Annual #14 9.6 (Gambit's real 1st appearance?)

    I will post a picture of the books in the reply. Thanks again for reading.


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    The ever growing short box full of cgc potentials. What should I grade...

    So I have this short box filled with cgc potential books.

    What should I send off? All comics are in NM conditions 9.0-9.8 unless noted)

    Enormous #1 (phantom 1st print/both 2nd prints)

    Enormous #4 comicxposure wrap around issues (both issues)

    Enormous #7 comicxposurewrap around issues (both issues)

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles #1re (jet pack error edition)

    Dc bombshells 1 (WAL variant & retail)

    Dc bombshells (8 different variant covers)

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles #1 Chicago-con edition

    21st century tank girl (jetpack edition)

    Zap Comix 0 2nd print (6.5-8.0)

    Zap Comix 1 third print (7.0-8.5)

    Amazing Spider-Man 400

    Wolverine 1 (Logan face on cover)

    Xforce 1

    Hulk 181 not for resale edition

    Fight club 2 issue 1 BAM variant

    Minions 1 bam variant

    Xforce 1 second print

    Longshot #1-6

    Ghost rider 1

    Avengers ?l?Ron forever 1 variant

    Barb wire 1 bam edition

    New mutants 1

    Punisher armory 1

    Xmen 92 issue 1 bam variant

    Spawn 1

    Invader zim 1

    Star Trek 1 cvr B

    Star Trek & green lantern 1 bam sketch variant

    Ultraman 1

    War of the planets 1 (silver foil edition)

    Batman/superman 3.1 3d edition

    Ultimate fantastic four 1 (8.5-9.0)

    Avengers ultron forever 1 variant

    Secret wars 1 thinkgeek variant

    Spider-Man 1 color UK edition

    King Conan 1

    Star Wars dark empire 1

    Batgirl special 1

    Spiderverse 2

    Guardian of knowhere 1

    Ms marvel 1 oneshot

    Star Wars 1 bam sketch variant

    Star Wars 1 think geek variant

    Xtreme Xmen 1

    Spiderverse 1 bam variant

    Hulk 340 $2.50 cover

    Groot 1 bam variant

    Batman legends of dark knight 1

    Spider-Man 1 silver cover

    Spider-Man 1 silver cover no price

    Civil war 1 bam variant

    Old man Logan 1 bam variant

    Doctor who 1 thinkgeek variant 9th dr

    Sonic world unite 1 sketch variant

    My little pony friendship is magic Df variant 1

    Lando comiccon 1

    Mrs dead pool and howling 1 incentive variant 1:25

    Amazing Spider-Man 1 variant 1:25

    Injection 1 bam variant

    Guardians of knowhere 1- gwenom variant

    Age of apocalypse 1 variant 1:25

    Kanan 1 bam variant

    Princess Leia 1 bam variant/bam sketch variant

    Marvel Knights 1 1of5000 variant

    Lando 1 - photo variant

    Years of future past 1 variant

    Captain marvel & carol corp 1 agent of shield variant

    World finest 258

    Daredevil 183

    Superman 23.1 3d cover

    Excalibur 1

    Craptacular bsides 1

    Incredible Hulk shattered heros 1

    Youngblood 1

    Marvel mangaverse 1

    Image plus 1

    Battle of planets 1

    Battle of planets 1 Df variant

    Young guns 1

    Archie 1 bam variant

    Thor finale 1 variant

    Swords of sorrow 1 bam sketch variant

    Suicide girls 1-4

    Guardians of knowhere 1 - agent of shield variant

    Amazing Spider-Man renew vows 1 - agent of shield variant

    1602 1 witch gwengela variant

    Masters of universe 1 cover b variant

    Voltron 0

    Gi Joe Mia 1-2

    Gi Joe 1

    New 52 action comic annual 1

    Banner 1

    Avengers millennium 1

    Transformers 1 (both covers)

    Batman 265 (4.0-5.0)

    Dark knight returns 1 second print (8.5-9.0)

    Future end 0

    Marvel adventures Spider-Man 1 $2.50 cover

    Dead pool 1

    Giant sjzed mini marvel 1 spidey

    Fantaco chronicles annual 1

    Aliens vs preditor 1

    Gi joe 1 cvr ri

    Daredevil cronicles 1

    Outsiders 1

    Men of war 1

    Multiversity 1

    Xmen 1 mangaverse

    Fantastic four chronicles 1

    New 52 super girl 1

    Bloodshot 1 pullbox preview

    Green arrow black canary wedding 1

    Daredevil the

    Star Wars rebel heist 1

    Xtreme Xmen 1

    Marvel masterpieces 1 variant

    Indestructible hulk 1

    A moment of silence 1

    Hero cats 1

    Convergence 0

    Spider verse 1

    Mickey Mouse adventures 1 (7.5-8.0)

    Preditor 1

    Cable 1 (signed)

    Xmen flashback 1

    Batman eternal 1

    Thor 4 variant

    Teenage mutant turtles casey&april 1

    Batman 264 (5.0)

    Battle of planet thundercats 1

    Batman 250 (3.0-4.0)

    Batman 279 (5.5-6.5)

    Venom 1 black edition

    Wonder Woman 240 (7.5-8.5)

    Thor 5 variant

    Thor 6 variant

    Thor 3 variant

    New mutants 88

    Catwoman 1

    Fantastic four manga 1

    Ultimate war 1

    Marvel adventures ironman 1

    Hulk movie 1

    Batman room full of stranger 1

    Quasar 1

    We can never go home 1 - jetpack green

    We can never go home 1 - sketch variant

  7. Jim Wasi
    Latest Entry

    Nice issue from Brazil Comics Hunter...Available now !

    Hi everyone...

    If you need help to get issues from Brazil...please do let me know!

    Ready to help.

    Jim Wasi

    Email :


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    How many points can I get?

    Well, I just got into the whole registry thing and man is it fun and addictive! I want to get one of those awards next to my name for one of my collections, unfortunately I don't come close in most of the categories I am collecting. In fact, most of the ones I love have someone already more obsessed than me who has the entire run plus variants in 9.8. So... what to do then? Well, I have the second best Captain Carrot registered set already, so maybe with a purchase or two I can nail that one. I am also thinking about diving in with my favourite DC mini series and maybe one that I share with my daughter.

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  8. If it makes sense someone already said it better than I can

    In addition to raw books I enjoy great quotations.

    Just for the heII of it i will mix the 2. There will be no connection between books and quotes except my enjoyment of them both. Some of these books are gone and some still reside in my collection. The first one I have had on 3 occasions and traded out of it. I really miss this book.


    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

  9. The best and the worst of comic movies

    Great to see the new Deadpool trailer is so good, really catching the spirit of the comics with Ryan Reynolds obviously born to play this role. Happy. Tragic, however, to see the Fantastic Four movie tank so badly. Shame on Fox for getting this so wrong, and please let them give the FF back to Marvel, where they belong. It beggars belief that with so much money at stake, a film company can squander it through choices that are so blatantly wrong. The good news, however, is that the FF comics really are some of the greatest comics of all time and they should withstand the battering that repeated movie failures are giving to the team. Long live the Fantastic Four!

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  10. This journal will attempt to wrangle my irrational pursuit of an Amazing Spider-Man #1 1963 in a comic book speculator bubble.

    I am entering the fourth phase of my comic collecting. My first phase was 1989-1993. I collected mainly pre-Unity Valiants and Image comics, along with some Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine. My favorite thing was to hop into the car and hit Chicago-land book and comic stores, and I found a lot of great Valiant books that way. I habitually collected Spawn throughout my formative college years, but generally took a break following the Death of Superman until I met my eventual wife c. 1997. I collected again briefly from 1998-1999 (Oni, Kevin Smith, X-Men, Spawn), but then sporadically due to comic shop closures in Montana. I generally stopped again through my graduate school years, but did start to acquire some independent books via eBay c. 2000, mostly Milk & Cheese, Sandman. In 2002, I moved down to Louisiana and my love affair with underground comix started. My wife checked out all the books on comics at the LSU Library and brought home Mark Estren's History of Underground, which referenced Jay Kennedy's 1982 price guide, and both were watershed moments that defined the next 12 years of my collecting. I posted a lot on Comics Price Guide message boards during this time, and there was even an underground comix presence on the old STL boards too. I joined CGC in 2004, but I generally do not post too much (and mostly to underground related stuff).

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  11. I have been active with CGC submissions for a little over 2 years now.

    As i have stated before I have collected for over 50 years now .. certainly not as sophisticated a collector as a lot of you , but someone who read and loved comics in the early 60's and kept going back to it after small lulls every few years. The forums and discussions here are great and have been educational for someone like me who before this age of automation looked forward to the yearly Overstreet update to try to learn more.

    I appreciate the culture here of sharing ideas and people sharing their vast knowledge with those of us who are less savvy and i do get a kick out of the occasional sarcastic joking and find myself getting a good laugh at some thoughtful humor.

    I've learned about restoration, found as I was submitting my raw books the last couple years that a few key books I purchased as non-restored had color touch or in one case had married pages.

    I've recently started submitting a few of my moderns that I had purchased at my LCS in the 80's and early 90's - these ware books that were purchased, bagged and boarded immediately and stored. Out of the first 10-15 i had submitted I only received 1 9.8 (thankfully it was ASM 361) the rest were primarily 9.4 with a one 9.6 .

    After much research and reading posts here I decided to try an experiment with pressing route so now I have 37 books in the process and this is where I am learning a little patience. I started submitting early April and my first 17 just hit the grading process. I am hopeful it goes well and hopefully patience will be rewarded with some great grades. I think in this age of instant gratification the process of learning patience may actually be a good thing for some of us.

    Thanks again for reading and thanks to everyone here for your many contributions and sharing your knowledge with us


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    I just sent off to get first 6 titles graded, I hope they come back with a high Grade.

    So I just sent off to get 6 of my comics graded. So far this has been a good experience. Before I made the decision to become a member I called CGC and spoke with a very informative representative. He explained everything and that day I went home and signed up and got my comics ready to send. So far so good, I sent off my comics on Tuesday and received conformation that they were received Thursday. I hope all goes well, I know the turn around time is about 50 days or so, and that's ok with me. Thanks CGC.

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    starting my collection of slabbed books.

  12. Ncisi0n's Journal

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    This is by far my best comic book purchase to date..

    Just in the last month I've been able to buy over 800 comics for under $300! My best purchase...? 1977 Star Wars Comics. All first prints (#1 is a 30 cent cover), #1-#100 (missing the last 7 issues!!), for $1.605 a comic!!!!! Plus I got the RotJ mini-series, all 3 annuals, 2 Marvel Movie Showcases, a Marvel Illustrated Book of RotJ, a Marvel Special Edition of RotJ, plenty of Duplicates, 7 reprints of the first 5 issues, RotJ Trading Cards (near complete), and 1977 Topps Star Wars Trading Cards feat. all 5 series (not near complete)! Add this to Whitman Edition still in an unopened bag and a couple separate issues I had previously, and I have a pretty damn good Star Wars collection. Now...if I could just get my hands on the last 7 issues and a Treasury Edition or two.........


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    Started collecting WW's for my daughter Scarlett 7-1/2 years ago. It started out as a way to off my ex wife but once I had about 50 issues I thought I can do this. Then about 2 years ago I got really intense about it and even upgraded issues I already have. Today we finally took over the number ONE SPOT on the Registry.

    After 7 years and especially the last 2 to 3 years we have finally achieved part of our goal. We have the Best Collection on the Collectors Society Registry

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  13. sagii's Journal

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    Reel 0ne (intro)

    Hi all

    I have been on the Boards for a bit over a year now, mostly posting pics and commenting in the Gold Forum. A few Boardies even refer to me by name, Corey, but Sagii is of course cool also(My Zodiac). As a lot of you know from my book posts and comments i collect across many genres in gold, but my first loves are MLJ super heroes, Ace Publications books, and Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny is the G.O.A.T.).

    I also dig Fawcetts, and would love to build runs on Harvey, Fox and maybe Prize Comics before i call the comic thing a day(would like to focus solely on building a Movie Poster collection after i close my comic collecting).

    Other likes: Movies (especially Film Noir), almost anything with James Cagney or Bette Davis, Horror (Halloween), and Sci Fi (Godzilla)

    Obsessed with 1970's culture (fashion, politics, music (and yes, Disco too), movies, TV, icons of the era) with the 80's close behind (King of Pop, New Wave, Dallas), but mostly just TV and music stuff.

    Also Obsessed with political conspiracy theories assasinations (JFK, RFK, MLK), and the files/tapes of Hoover and Nixon.

    Which brings me to the Journals title: These are my 'tapes', 'files' in a way of things iv'e collected and treasured for years(and hopefully years more to come). I will mostly post books, hunt stories, groups by themes(covers, artist, characters, etc)but it's basically a place to keep all my things(or a lot of them anyway)in one place on the Boards. I'll add and update as the mood strikes, but will try to work out some kind of schedule. Thanks for reading. Nothing long and drawn out today as far as pics, but i'll open the Journal with this one because the cover subject is of a collector of rare books himself! For those of you who have never seen it, dig the crazy dialog!


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    I went to check the status on my books I submitted and the page says there are no books at all.

    I last checked my orders on Friday where two of my orders were scheduled to be graded and one that just arrived. I decided to check the status this morning and the site says there are no orders at all; pending or otherwise for my ACCOUNT. Either its a glitch and they are there or I'm being screwed.

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  14. which one will get me my news faster? at a better price? and be more accurate?

    I have to admit my experience with FOX is limited. I did run some news stories past them, when I first got into the news business and I did like how quickly they responded and the price. But I felt that maybe the news had only been glanced at and then reduced to an op-ed piece. I also have subscribed to a previously edited FOX news story which I felt deserved more. That story was gifted to a friend at ECCC in 2014 and after some massaging it was resubmitted as a 'new' news story to CBS, where it was treated two whole steps better. Admittedly that article was massaged.

    Now, I have significant experience working with CBS. They are established and typically I find that my news stories are treated well - but the volume of news that they handle appears to make responsiveness slow. I find that news articles previously reported on by FOX sometimes are better received at CBS and sometimes they are not - but I haven't had any personal experience with FOX articles actually being fraudulent. Overall, the news is treated better - although articles are poorly packaged for return to the original submitter and I have had many return in a damaged condition. Unfortunately it is more expensive and time consuming to submit news articles to CBS.

    Recently I have been experimenting with C-Span for my news. There is less fluff, but good communication on the phone-lines (callers are standing by now). My return on my news submissions have been timely (bonus) and excellently packaged for return of submission (the best) - and communication is excellent. But, I have had some disagreement with how my news articles were reviewed and edited. News that I had previously considered by CBS was later repackaged and submitted as 'new' news to C-Span, in once instance that news was one step better - but that story was massaged and CBS had reported on it a loooooong time ago. Two other news stories considered by CBS, were also submitted for consideration by C-Span and received a mixed review - one better one less well.

    I don't know what all this means - but probably it means that I'm going to kill my television and get all my future news from my Facebook feed - If it can't be reduced to a meme, it probably isn't important.

    Happy Hunting!


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  15. Just wanted to create a master journal to keep everything all in one place

    Been on the boards for a few years but just finally decided to create a master journal. My last few journal entries haven't shown up on the boards. Hopefully this works.


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  16. Pay Seller Now,

    Sweeter words have never been spoken. So after 13 self-submissions, multiple pressings, of copies, purchases of large lots of this single book I finally have a copy of what had simply been the bane of my collecting focus, X-Force #1 the 1st print. For years since I became a member of the CGC addiction I have hunted this one book down and constantly lost out due to last second snipers or the simple inability to find one myself. This one book has cost me more money than I would like to truly admit.

    One of the hardest issues in getting this one book in 9.8 condition is that almost all of them are still poly bagged. This creates an issue as the bag itself causes a crease from top to bottom on the back cover and if multiple copies of this book have been placed together, then on the cover as well that regardless of pressing never seems to go away. Additionally if the book hasn't been messed with for years the cards that were placed in the poly bag's also caused little rectangle creases as well. Then when looking for books out of the poly bag they always seem to be in 9.0-9.4 condition with slight creases, nicks, stubs or any other issue that can be thought of.

    But finally... FINALLY, have been able to not only acquire a 9.8, and not only a 9.8SS but a 9.8SS signed by Fabian Nicieza which is my first signed book by him. My hunt while temporarily over will most likely be chanced at Amazing Arizona when I go to make this one a double signature book signed by Rob Liefeld. Until then though my search for a 9.8SS of this one book is finally over. I'll hold onto my double cover 9.6SS but I guess I can finally let go of the other lower grade books now.

    Anyways, here's the money shot...


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    Latest Entry

    Hot Stuff the Little Red Devil swap meet find for 25 cents.

    I was around 9 years old (Now 31) when I found a Issue #1 Hot Stuff the Little Red Devil (Harvey Publication). I was with my parents at a swap meet in Texas and a guy was selling a lot of comics. As a 9 year old I did not truly understand the value of some of the books; however, I did find a issue #1 Hot Stuff for 25 cents and bought it. It has been sitting in my collection for years and forgotten about. It wasn't until I became a member of CGC that I started going through my comics that I came across it once again. It is currently being graded and no matter what I do with it, on if I am to sell it or keep it in my collection, I win. Honestly how many people can say they found a comic book from 1957 at a random swap meet and find a gem like this at that price. I will update once I have the final grade. My guess is it will be a 2.0 to 5.0, since I found it in rough condition, either way it is a 25 cent find of glory.

    Update: I just got my grade and I was way off. I forgot to look at the back a little more closely. Final Grade a sad 1.5

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