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  1. The grade is in and the experiment is now fully complete - I am officially a conservation nerd! :D

    CGC correctly flagged the married cover as well as all the work done - and all of that passed the test in order to get a Conserved grade of 3.0! This is honestly slightly higher than I was expecting (my initial estimate was 2.5 at most), and even the White pages is an amazing cherry on top.

    How it started:  0.5 incomplete, its life is in shambles. 
    How it's going:  3.0 conserved, ballin' with white pages.  




  2. Like all of my off to see the Wizard entries this is showing my submissions to CGC. Raw pictures, updates as I receive them, and final pictures ( well hopefully as with some of the others there were times they had to make return trips. [Which were also posted])

    These were the books I chose to send in for Terry Austin. 


















  3. What's that you say? The mystery of the Harvey 15c variants, you say? Never heard of them!

    Well, I certainly hadn't until last year when, whilst researching the distribution of Harvey comics in the UK by our old friends L Miller & Co, I happened across a book on eBay proclaiming an unexpected cover price. "Oh", I thought, "I didn't know there were price variants for these?", and I started Googleating. I like to think I'm quite good at Googleating now, after years of scouring online for variants, but I couldn't find anything about them. Not one reference, one comment, one loving blog column - nothing. And not one copy on the GCD either, or in any of the usual comic places (including here). Odd.

    More in depth Googling ensued until I finally found one reference in a wonderful book called 'The Harvey Comics Companion' by Mark Arnold, which I duly purchased.

    Here's what it had to say, on page 411: "These (Hot Stuff #110, 111 and Little Dot #143) are the only Harvey books known to have these variants":

    Companion.jpg.af35fd70b1fcddffbd7362dfcc1a5e99.jpg  401068724_Companionp411.jpg.7afbb039180b354bfffac40a3dc7445a.jpg

    "Blimey" I thought, "Only three examples? These are rare", so I started looking for them. Oddly, given the obvious pedigree of Mr Arnold, I soon found quite a few more than the three listed and I thought "Aye, aye, I'm on to something here...."

    Fast forward a year or so and not only have I found a whopping 26 examples, but I've also, I think, established why they exist. That doesn't happen often - the what and the why. And happily, given my UK credentials, I think they exist because we - The UK - exist. I'm going to drop Mark Arnold a line shortly, to let him know what more I've found and it will either be a pleasant surprise for him or he's been keeping updates quiet for the next volume of the Harvey Companion (go buy it by the way, it's brilliant). Mark, if you're reading, Hello :hi:

    Anyway, Harvey 15c price variants exist for at least 26 books dated between April and October 1972. Amazing really, to be posting this information, in depth, for what appears to be the first time, when the books themselves are 50 years old this very year. Happy Birthday, books.

    Here's a nice looking example, with its 20c regular US copy alongside it:

     732594744_WendyTheGoodLittleWitch75(October1972)15cVariant.thumb.jpg.eefb948b1f382dea69b5698ebfb69c60.jpg 960998151_WendyTheGoodLittleWitch75(October1972)20cCopyB.thumb.jpg.9db6c1d1e927e8e0c884d0199ae4e9bd.jpg

    Cracking cover, isn't it. And notice how Harvey always chopped the code off?  :)

    Read on, if you're interested, for the full fifteen cent variation low down!

  4. Wombat is such a great guy for gifting me this, and this book will never leave my collection.  Autographed by the Master Frank Frazetta. 



  5. Comicsarefun

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    Reboot of an earlier journal....


    After years of trying to collect every comic I could find, I once owned 100,000 comics (most of them almost worthless).  By selling, trading, and buying; I transformed my collection to just 50 comics.  I previously created a journal picturing those 50 comics.  Late last year I parted with half of my books to buy a childhood grail of mine.  I have slowly been adding comics to get back to 50.  I tried to edit my last journal, but I was unable to change my initial 50 entries.  So, I have decided to start fresh with a new journal.  I will update the list when new comics arrive, as well as explain why I got the book and/or kicked out the old ones.  This serves for a digital library for me to enjoy my books while they sit in safe storage.  It is mostly for my entertainment, but feel free to comment if you wish!

  6. Not unlike this book itself, I'm torn! Recently acquired this seriously chewed copy with intention of doing one or the other, but not sure which way to go, though I do know that I will submit this afterwards for grading. At a minimum, I intend to leaf-cast the cover and every interior wrap to fill out the missing paper. That, along with a dry-cleaning of the cover, would hopefully come in just under the wire with a conserved grade. But it's also tempting to go further and restore the missing art/graphics inside and out, and give it a more thorough cleaning. Luckily, whatever rodent feasted on this didn't chew significantly into the interior art past the first several wraps. And, chew aside, the inside pages are fairly nice and bright.

    So....what to do? Granted, this is hardly a major book investment-wise (it qualifies as a key, sorta, in that it's the first cover appearance of Lois Lane for this title). But I'm genuinely curious how others feel about the issues at play -- financial return, historical value etc -- when deciding on restoration versus conservation. Meanwhile, I'm gonna start dry-cleaning and leaf-casting and continue to mull it over...







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    Why can't I just be happy with collecting lower grade books? I'd save so much $$ if I could just be happy with books that fall into the good-fine+ category. All I'd have to do is ignore the outer edges of the books, and focus on the centers, but no, my eyes go directly to the even the smallest of faults, and they bother me. In some instances, the faults won't stop me from buying something, but bother me they do, sometimes occupying my thoughts for long periods of time after seeing them. I'm that way with all things that I collect, like vintage, Halloween ephemera, coins, records, cast iron, animal traps, tin cars and trucks, etc. I wonder if there are others that suffer from the same affliction as I do.....

  7. Alright, so for those who need a recap...I started with a CGC 9.6 Spawn #1 Newsstand, a CGC 9.6 Hulk #340 and $500 cash. The goal? Use the cash and books to trade/buy and sell my way to better things. The rules? Only books acquired along the way can be included in the journey. If I acquire a book I have doubles of, I can enter the duplicate (even if it is a book I acquired long ago) as part of the challenge. Otherwise, I cannot just add books from my "to sell" pile at home to this challenge.

    To date, I have acquired:

    TMNT #4 first print (7.5-8.5 range)

    Hulk #340 Newsstand (7.0-7.5 range)

    Batman #251 CGC 6.0 (upgrade on my VG raw)

    Nova #1 FN/VF range 

    Tomb Of Dracula #13 VG range

    Marvel Spotlight #12 VF upgrade (upgrade on my FN/VF raw)

    Elvira’s House of Mystery #1 in FN+ range

    ASM #23 CGC 7.0

    I also still had $74 in cash PLUS the following books to trade/sell:

    - Wolverine #8 in 9.0-9.2 range, raw

    - PPTSS #101 in 9.0-9.2 range raw

    - Hulk #449 in 9.0 range raw

    - around a dozen other random issues including some Wolverine books, DC Secret Origins #1 and X-Force 11


    So what happened since my last update?!?! Here we go!

    Sold- I sold the Hulk 449 and the Wolverine 8 for $200. My cash pile is now at $274

    Bought- I bought a raw ASM #361 for $200. It was advertised as a 9.0-9.2 BUT had a stain. The seller refunded me $50. So I have ASM #361 and $124 in cash. I already own a CGC 9.4 copy of this book (albeit direct) so this was purchased with the intent of trading/selling for more value down the road. 

    A Loss- So the PPTSS #101 and X-Force 11 I bought never arrived. I bought this on Facebook marketplace and appear to have been scammed! Argghhhh. Thankfully only a small loss but it hurts my challenge money. A lesson learned. This means though my cash pile drops $47 to a total of $77

    Bought- A low grade Thor #166 for $20. About a 3.5. Cash pile now at $57

    Bought- A low grade copy of Dell's The Creature #1 for $18. Cash pile now at $39

    Trade- I traded the ASM #361 raw copy for issues 1-70 of Hellblazer, a series I have always wanted to have and read. I already own issues 1 & 2 so I kept the nicer of each copy and the others are now part of the challenge. The rest of the issues are going in the PC. Oh and $50 cash on top of the deal. So after factoring in the money to ship ($22), my cash pile is now at $67

    Sold- I sold the Thor #166 for $40. Cash pile is now at $107

    Bought- Marvel Super Mag Special on eBay for $50 all in. This was a sneaky find. A seller had a bunch of magazines listed and was one of those listings where you scroll through a drop down to see what issues were available. Well this was and was listed in "very good condition" however the picture looked amazing. I took a chance and well it arrived and is easily a VF-VF+ copy...maybe better. Very happy to have and right now, I am holding onto it but it MIGHT make its way into a trade or sale down the road. Either way, cash pile is now at $57.

    Sold- Sold Marvel Comics Presents #1 for $15. Cash pile is at $72.

    Sold- Hellblazer 1 & 2 for $40. Cash pile is now at $112.

    Bought- A local shop contacted me and said they had some comics. Kind of an odd place that just opened locally, selling all sorts of weird occult type stuff but also random collectibles? Anyway they had a bin of comics and I grabbed 11, including a Spawn #1 and a Ghost Rider #28 (both books I had) for $45. From these 11, I kept Marvel Age 90 (just a nice McFarlane Spidey cover I don't have), Iron Man 281 (cameo of War Machine plus was a newsstand and sharp looking copy) and Death: The High Cost of Living #1 (fits with my desire to own more Sandman related stuff). This all brings my cash pile down to $67.

    Sold- I sold the 8 comics from the above purchase for $70. Cash pile now at $137.

    Bought- A CGC 9.8 copy of the Madame Xanadu #1 one shot with the Brian Bolland cover for $60. I figure it is easily worth that and will attempt to trade or sell. I have a goal in mind right now and we shall see if I can get there! Cash pile down to $77.


    So where does this leave me? Well to the PC I have added:

    Hellblazer 1-70 raw

    Marvel Super Mag Special 16 (first Boba) VF raw

    Marvel Age 90 in VF/NM raw

    Iron Man 281 in NM- raw

    Death: High Cost Of Living 1 in NM raw


    And still remaining in the trade/sell pile, I have:

    -low grade copy of Dell's The Creature

    -CGC 9.8 Madame Xanadu 1

    - $77 cash


    As I mentioned, I have a goal in mind here or something I am chasing. We shall see what the next update brings! 


  8. Uk pence copies

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    This part of the journal will consist of all the current pence copies I have what can be uploaded here.The one’s what can’t be uploaded in this entry will go in a second entry.











































































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    I want to start off my journal by saying that no one in this world is better than @Buzzetta.  Andrew is probably not just an MVP but a life coach and spiritual guide for anyone in this life. 



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      Its taken so many years  to put this set together and i'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  7 short titles that ran from 1977-1979  . Its been  fun and  challenging chasing down such unconventional titles and I have to admit i'm sorry to see its almost complete, however there is always other titles/comics to find and collect :)    Comics Set Detail (collectors-society.com)     


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    Midnight Nation was a 2000-2002 series, written by J. Michael Straczynski and published by Top Cow under his Joe's Comics imprint. It's actually a really good read. If you're not familiar with it, the TPB isn't too hard to pick up. As of today, I have a complete graded set; 24 slabbed books. They're all entered in this Registry set. It's the 2021 Best in Set Type winner for Midnight Nation, beating out... hmm. Zero other candidates. Speaking of which, I'll be working to get images uploaded over the next few days. I don't have a legal scanner and I'm a terrible slab-photographer, so I tend to put that off. But with the last books for the collection finally on their way back from CGC, it's past time.

    A lot of people here will look and wonder why I did this. There are no great rarities here. No key issues. No valuable books. Complete 12-issue runs of the normal covers are frequently available on Ebay for dollar-bin prices, and even the rarest of the Dynamic Forces covers or foil-logo variants can be obtained for $20 and some patience. You can almost certainly assemble all 24 of these books as nicely-presenting raws for under 200 bucks. And there's not much chance of a film or Netflix adaptation here, so there's no way to pretend these are hot spec books... at least, not with a straight face.

    Needless to say, I didn't build this set for the money.

    Back in 2000, I was managing operations at a comics and collectibles store, and I read these off the shelf. In the years since, I've introduced several friends to this series, either with timeworn copies of the individual issues, or... slightly less timeworn copies of the trade paperback. Many years ago now, Midnight Nation was the first exposure to comics for one of those friends. She would eventually come to read a wider array of books, but she always considered this one her favorite. She also became more than a friend, and after a couple of years together, she accepted my proposal. However, real life isn't a comic book story, and not all the endings are happy ones. Before then -- a year or two before we first dated, even -- she had received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. At that time, they gave her six months. She beat those expectations many times over, but the inevitable only waits for so long, and we both knew that our engagement was going to be more symbolic than anything else. She passed away shortly after.

    There are a lot of reasons to collect comics. There are perhaps not quite as many good reasons to spend the time and money to have them graded and slabbed. I have collected more conventionally-collective books. But I slab a lot of weird stuff these days because the hunt for obscure books is more fun for me than just throwing cash at the same "keys" everyone else wants. But these books aren't obscure. Except for the challenge of finding the highest-grade copies out there, there isn't much of a chase. I'm building this set because it holds memories for me, both fond and bittersweet, and the least I can do in return is to treat that like it's valuable.

    Because it is.

    With all that said, this set is complete, but it isn't finished. Just like most any set that is taken seriously by its owner, I'm determined to present and preserve the highest-grade copies of these books that I can. How am I doing on that goal?

    • Of the 24 collectible issues here, I've got 9.8 copies for 14 of them. Not too shabby for a first pass. And it's actually one book better than that, which I'll get to in a little bit.
    • Another 5 books are 9.6: #1A, #2, #4, #12, and the normal version of the Wizard 1/2. Trying to go from 9.6 to 9.8 is... well, I think we all know the challenges there. So I'm probably not going to be chasing upgrades here for awhile unless I trip over a copy that someone else slabbed. And that's not currently possible for most of these. My copy of #4 is the top of the census, and the only 9.8 copes of #2 and #12 are Signature Series slabs; I don't collect yellow label books. I'm pretty sure there are 9.8 copies of #1A out there, although the census there is a mess because CGC did not provide distinct labels for #1B until early 2021 (at least some of the 8 copies in 9.8 are probably this cover, though). There are five copies of the Wizard 1/2 in 9.8, out there somewhere, so there's that, I guess...
    • And the last 5 books in the set are down at 9.4. Still high-grade copies, certainly, but with the most significant room for improvement.
      • One of them, technically, I already have improved. My copy of #1B (the "Variant Cover" in the Registry) is the first such copy that CGC assigned a distinct label to. I knew that wasn't a particularly high-grade book; it was submitted as part of my discussion with CGC about breaking the two covers out to begin with. I already own another copy of #1B -- a 9.8 copy -- purchased pre-slabbed (from Portugal!), but it was graded before they gave the second cover its own category, so I'll have to have it reholdered for it to fit in the Registry slot (which is fine, it's also in an old-style holder that needs an update to match the rest!).
      • The rest are what passes for some of the hardest books to find in the set: The so-called "European Exclusive" (it wasn't, I'm pretty sure) Dynamic Forces variant of #1, the Graham Cracker Comics store exclusive Pink Foil variant of #2, the Wizard 1/2 Special Edition (Gold Foil), and the Wizard 1/2 Blue Foil variant (which was a limited edition of 999 copies). I've got the top of the census for the #2 Pink Foil and the 1/2 Blue Foil. There are five copies of the Wizard 1/2 Special Edition in 9.8 slabs, and all of two copies of the defect-magnet black-cover European Exclusive in that grade. So they exist, sort of. But I'll probably have to make my own if I realistically want to push the numbers higher.
    • There have also been two 9.9s received by books in this series. One is for #1, although it's impossible to know at this point whether that's an A cover or B cover book. The other is for the Top Cow Classics in Black & White reprint. These were both very early CGC slabs, graded around July 2001. And, as far as I know, never seen since. I assume they're in a personal collection somewhere. I'd certainly like to own them; I don't expect I ever will. And that's fine, really.

    I should also note that there are foreign-language republications of Midnight Nation. I don't have copies in a grade I'm willing to slab. Yet...

    For now, though, with this set complete at 9.4+, it's probably going to drop down my priority list for a bit. Obviously, it means a lot to me personally, but I'm not a high-enough volume submitter to make 9.8 pre-screening an option. And while I certainly didn't do all this out of a sense of financial investment, playing the 9.6/9.8 lottery when I probably can't sell undercopy slabs is not extremely appealing. Hopefully, I'll run into some of the existing books that would serve as upgrades in the meantime.

  9. Just got done with putting a custom set together in my Registry of all my “Aurora Comic Scenes” collection doubles and realized I have more copies than any normal collector should. I mean, who needs 5 copies of the Lone Ranger issue. Oh wait, that’s not the worst of it, how about 9 copies of the Batman issue. I seem to justify the Batman issue by thinking he’s a very popular character and people will always want one of these issue as time goes by. Don’t think that’s really going to happen and some day I’ll probably just sell them at a loss. Good thing they’re pretty inexpensive. Anybody else have way to many copies of a single issue that isn’t really justified other than just a inner need to own then.




  10. Ever since I returned from deployment in 2013. I started reading and collecting Invincible. I made a post a few years ago about almost being done with having ever issue. Well Completed that task right before I deployed again in 2019. Now I am at the point in this journey that I only lack 17 more comics to get graded in 9.6 or above. It's been awesome. I've read and reread the story several times. For me it's one of those that you can never get tired of. And since the release of the show I have been able to go after new covers which has also been a good time for me. My last submission to CGC for Inviniclbe should be going out next week. I know I most likely won't see them till the fall time with the terrible return times but hey with a year in confinement basically people really didn't have much else to do but start a hobby so I can't be too angry. Hope you guys/gals enjoy the pictures. Happy Collecting.









  11. Six years ago I asked everybody in the CGC registry world what I needed to  get before it was too late. I recounted the story of how I missed out on acquiring an AF 15 and ASM 1-10 that I regret to this day. I then threw out my sleeper prediction... Strange Tales annual 2. I still believe that book is sound asleep. The suggestions I got were Daredevil 1, Avengers 55 and Avengers 57. I got all three and I am glad I did.

    What do I need to get now?

  12. Arkham
    Latest Entry

    In my last journal entry, I spoke to my plans to target Batman #189 for the Rogues Gallery. 


    […]my next target is Batman #189. I'll write more about what I love about the Scarecrow when I have that book in my grubby paws.

    Well, I did it. Ages ago, actually (in mid-May with an early June delivery)... But it turns out I am terrible at making time to update my journal and my registry sets. :facepalm:

    I absolutely LOVE this book. I have to thank @Wall-Crawler for spotting it over at @gregreece's and letting me know. #Legend.

    This is exactly what I was after - a mid-grade book that presents beautifully. I could sit here and look at this stunner all day. In fact, I have done exactly that. 


    In my last journal entry I promised that I would write more about what I love about the Scarecrow. As I sit here and think about the best way to word this, I realise that it's really simple - the Scarecrow is spooky AF... and I am super into that. 

    There have been some very quirky, camp portrayals of Scarecrow (and all characters from the pages of Detective Comics and Batman) over the years, but when he is done well - then he is simply chilling. 

    Here are some of the interpretations that I've loved: 

    eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1 eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1 eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1 

    And I am really digging Jorge Jiménez's take in the current run: 


    So... now that I have that beautiful book in my collection, what next? 


    The next book in my proverbial cross-hairs is.... Detective Comics #405 - 1st appearance of the League of Assassins.




  13. Mad Mad World

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    It all started in 1971 when I was just a kid digging around inside a box of comics at a local garage sale.   "10 cents each" was written on the box which seemed like a small fortune to a 5 year old kid.  But in that moment I found a comic that stood out to me Mad #1.  With my dime I proudly marched to a small folding table where an elderly lady held out her hand and asked "did you find something?" Proudly I responded "yes!" grinning from ear to ear. 

    From that moment on I eagerly awaited the new issues of mad to arrive at the thrifty drug store down the street.  I was hooked.  I had the nay sayers tell me I was too young to read such filth and even had clerks deny the sale, but I pressed on and maybe in a way enjoyed the controversy.  At the time Mad was cutting edge.

    Fast forward to my late teens/early 20's I joined the US Navy and was stationed in San Diego, California.  In 1990 I read that Harvey Kurtzman (creator and early artist of Mad) would be attending the SDCC and immediately called my Mom to have her dig through the boxes in the attic and Send me my Mad #1 to have signed. 

    With my Mad in hand I went to the SDCC and located his booth where he was promoting such works as playboy's Annie Fanny, humbug and other titles.

    Looking back I probably acted like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person, but I couldn't contain my excitement I said "is it really you!" He smiled and said "it's me"  and signed my Mad with the caption "it's me!"

    Many years passed since that day and unfortunately during that period as a young man I fell into financial struggles and sold my Mad #1 to a pawn shop for $30/probably less.

    Now comes the reuniting.  I seen a Listing online for a Mad #1 CGC 5.0 with a signature and the caption "It's me!" I figured what's the odds and bought it.  I recently confirmed it was the issue I purchased as a child.

    CGC went above and beyond when I submitted it for reholder and asked that they confirm specific discrepancies inside the book that weren't disclosed in detail in the grader's notes before they reholder.

    Sure enough my Mad was crying out "it's me!"



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    What would be the most underwhelming thing on this planet? Owning Incredible Hulk #182.

    As a mini project I’ve rounded up a couple comic issues following keys as a price comparison. Of coarse, a book with the first appearance of Wolverine will sell more than a book where Wolverine now exists in universe for all eternity, so this is more of a comparison of the price drop between issues. Hey, to kick it off let’s look at Incredible Hulk #182.

    The Incredible Hulk #182 (1974)


    Follow Up To: Wolverine’s Cameo first appearance (#180) and Wolverine’s first full appearance (#181)

    Notability:First appearance of CrackJack Jackson...and death of CrackJack Jackson

    CGC Census Comparison- 

    180: 5673 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Incredible+Hulk&issue=180&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1974&issuedate=10/74 (2nd Place)

    181: 14364 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Incredible+Hulk&issue=181&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1974&issuedate=11/74 (1st Place)

    182: 2908 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Incredible+Hulk&issue=182&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1974&issuedate=12/74 (You tried Sticker)



    Price Comparison (Highest Grade Sold/Value)

    180- 9.8/$24,000 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/134271

    181- 9.8/$72,000 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/134372

    182- 9.8/$4,100 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/134459







    Amazing Spider-Man #301 (1988)


    Follow up to: First appearance of Venom in costume (#299) and first full Venom appearance (#300)

    Notability: Cover homage to previous (#300)

    CGC Census Comparison-

    299: 5805 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Amazing+Spider-Man&issue=299&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1988&issuedate=4/88

    300:25423 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Amazing+Spider-Man&issue=300&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1988&issuedate=5/88

    301:3573 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Amazing+Spider-Man&issue=301&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1988&issuedate=6/88


    Price Comparison (Highest Sold Grade/value)

    299- 9.8/$750 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/150626

    300-9.8/$7750 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/150744

    301-9.8/$1550 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/150868



    Tomb of Dracula #11 (1973) 


    Follow up to: First appearance of Blade (#10)

    CGC Census Comparison-

    10:3214 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Tomb+of+Dracula&issue=10&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1973&issuedate=7/73

    11:83 https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Tomb+of+Dracula&issue=11&publisher=Marvel+Comics&year=1973&issuedate=8/73 Thud!


    Price Comparison (Highest Grade Sold/Value)

    10- 9.8/$36,000 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/132895

    11-9.8/$775 https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/132996



    I hope you enjoyed these comparisons, I just find them neat. Sorry for the lack of diversity, if I do a follow up on this I’ll include Dc and possible and indie or two. (thumbsu

  14. Just added to my collection. Limited edition from original art by Jim Cheung, depicts the classic characters Nick Fury and Captain America. Jim Cheung was named as one of 2005's "Young Guns" by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, and has been described as a "future superstar penciller." "Secret Warriors #17" is a limited edition numbered giclee on canvas by Jim Cheung presented by Marvel Comics. This piece comes gallery wrapped. Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures approx. 18" x 27" (image).


  15. We have inherited a huge collection of comics including a lot of Archie, Jughead, etc.  Looking at the records, our uncle was expecting to ask for over $200 on some of the Jugheads and That Wilkins Boy; however, I don't see that much of a market for them on Ebay right now.  Are these better sold at conventions or is there a network of private collectors for them?


    Comics 027.jpg

    Comics 028.jpg

    Comics 029.jpg

    Comics 030.jpg


    Comics 025.jpg

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    ASM 25 is the first cameo appearance of Mary Jane Watson. I've had a copy of this in my collection for a while (4.0) and I wasn't planning to upgrade, but I had another raw copy that I submitted with a few other books. I was pleasantly surprised to have it come back 7.0. I didn't think it would grade that high when I submitted it, but I'm happy to have a new version in my collection!

  16. To pay off some bills, I decided to part with a chunk of my collection. After an expedition to the storage facility, I gathered a bunch of high grade books, filled up many CGC boxes, and consigned for ComicLink’s April, May, and June auctions. Here are some of the highlights - many are either Single highest graded or one of the few highest graded on the CGC census:

    New Gods (1970) 2 CGC 9.8 (CVA Exceptional Sticker, John G. Fantucchio Pedigree) 1ST DARKSEID COVER. Jack Kirby story, cover, and art. 1 OF 9 HIGHEST GRADED!

    Marvel 1980’s Canadian Edition Price Variants - all CGC 9.8 WP (unless otherwise noted):

    • Alpha Flight 1 (1st Puck and Marrina)
    • Amazing Spider-Man 274 (Lieber and Romita cover)
    • Daredevil 196 (Wolverine cover), 217 (Barry Windsor-Smith cover), 227 (1st 'Born Again')
    • Marvel Super Hero Secret Wars 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12 (CGC 9.4-9.6)
    • Secret Wars II COMPLETE SET 1-9 (CGC 9.4-9.8)
    • Thor 338 (2nd Beta Ray Bill), 339 (1st Stormbreaker), 351, 363 (Algrim becomes Kurse)

     Marvel Newsstand Editions - all CGC 9.8 WP:

    • Guardians of the Galaxy (1990- 1st Taserface)
    • Infinity Gauntlet 2 (Signature Series signed by George Perez)

    DC Newsstand Editions - all CGC 9.8 WP:

    • DC Comics Presents 26 (1st New Teen Titans, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire)
    • Detective Comics 535 (1st Jason Todd as new Robin in title)
    • Batman Adventures 8 (From the Alfred Pennyworth Collection)

    CGC 10 Gem Mint:

    • Red Sonja 0  (2005- Greg Land cover - 1 OF 2 HIGHEST GRADED)
    • Superman 203 (2004- Michael Turner cover - 6-page Jim Lee sketchbook - 1 OF 6 HIGHEST GRADED)

    CGC 9.9 MINT:

    • BATMAN: THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (2005 - Classic Joker cover - 1 OF 4 HIGHEST GRADED)
    • Batman (2011) 21, 23.1, 23,2, 25, 30
    • Batman: The Dark Knight (2011) 23.2, 23.4
    • Batman and Robin (2011) 23.4
    • Dark Knight Strikes Again 1 (Frank Miller)
    • Detective Comics (2011) 27 (75th Anniversary issue)
    • JLA/Avengers 3 
    • Justice League (2011) 15 (Jim Lee cover)
    • Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do 4
    Complete sets:
    • Dark Knight Strikes Again 1-3 (#2 Ranked CGC Registry Set)
    • Dark Knight III: The Master Race (Complete Set of JIM LEE 1:500 Variant Covers for 1-9)
    • Secret Wars II 1-9
    • Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do 1-6 (#1 Ranked CGC Registry Set), plus Marvel Comics 2002 #1 - Official Convention Preview Book to the series - Signature Series signed by Terry and Rachel Dodson
    Other notable issues- all CGC 9.8 WP:
    • Amazing Spider-Man 317 (early Venom cover and appearance)
    • Annihilation Conquest 6 (1st new Guardians of the Galaxy lineup as in MCU)
    • Avengers vs. X-Men (2012) 1 Sketch Edition (Signature Series - Emma Frost sketch and signed by series artist Jim Cheung)
    • Batman 612 Second Printing (Signature Series - signed by Jim Lee in black ink)
    • Batman 641 (Red Hood reveals to Batman that he is Jason Todd)
    • Batman (2011) 0, 1 (all 5 Printings), 2-13, and many later issues including Variants, rare later printings, 1:100 Sketch Covers, Combo-Packs, Convention Editions, and The Batman Exhibit #nn Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour promo)
    • Batman '66 1, 2, 26 (some from The Alfred Pennyworth Collection)
    • Batman Adventures (1992) 6, 7, 8, 9 (some from The Alfred Pennyworth Collection), also Batman & Superman Adventures: World's Finest #nn
    • Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade #nn (JIM LEE 1:500 Variant cover)
    • Dark Knight III: The Master Race (Variant covers by Neal Adams, Bruce Timm, Adam Hughes, Howard Chaykin, and Jae Lee)
    • Deadpool -1 (1997 Origin of Deadpool)
    • Deadpool/Death '98 #nn (Origin of Deadpool)
    • Detective Comics 1000 (Bedrock City Comics Edition- Jim Lee cover featuring Golden Age Batman and Catwoman)
    • Guardians of the Galaxy (2008) 1 (1st new MCU team in title), 2, 5, 7, 24 (Return of Thanos), 25 (last issue)
    • Justice League (2011) JIM LEE Signature Series for 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 including rare Sketch Covers and Variants, also 10 Combo-Pack (single highest graded)
    • Jim Lee covers for 2016 Convention Editions including All Star Batman 8; Batman 1, 19; Superman 1; Wonder Woman 1
    • Marvels (1994) 1, 2, 3 (Alex Ross)
    • Rise of Apocalypse 1 (Origin of Apocalypse)
    • Star Wars (2013) 1 Second Printing (Alex Ross 'virgin' cover)
    • Superior Spider-Man 1 J. Scott Campbell Variant cover
    • Superman 204 (2004 Jim Lee Signature Series, first issue in his run)
    • Superman: The Man of Steel 18 (Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Printings - 1st appearance of Doomsday)
    • Wonder Woman (1987) 7 (1st new Cheetah/ Dr. Barbara Ann Mierva, featured in WW '84 movie)

    Good luck if anyone decides to bid on any!